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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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RoundCube,, and Sitting.
Posted Dec 3, 2005 - 19:24:56

For those of you who don't know, one of my current obsessions has been the RoundCube Webmail Project. I've been futzing around with it for the last month or so, and have effectively switched over to it completely for my day to day e-mail needs (as I spend lots of time in various computer labs and away from my personal computer). RoundCube is neat, Open Source (under the GPL), and pretty much the swankest thing out there (it looks and feels like a regular application, and not like a webpage). It's a piece of Alpha software, so not every feature is installed.

If you are a UWEC student, you can take it for a test drive here - just log on like you're using webmail and it will pop up your account. If you want to try and send mail, you have to go into the preferences and set up your default outgoing identity properly though.

For the rest of you though, if you want to try RoundCube out, has started up. 30gigs is a free webmail service offering (you guessed it) 30 gigs of storage (well, that's what they claim - I don't know if I buy it). They use RoundCube as their interface though, which is neat (although they don't credit it, which is a bit annoying). Saying 30gigs is as well developed as GMail would be like saying this blog service (TRHBlogs) is as developed as LiveJournal - it just isn't. It's likely one guy, building something on his own. Well - there is a difference... while TRHBlogs is built because of my passion for creating things, 30gigs is just there for a profit.

Now, 30Gigs claims that it is invite only. Well, fortunately, they have the least secure invite system ever devised by mankind. This site clearly describes how to get an invite. Mind you, I don't know if they'll patch that hole, so sign up while you can. Once that vulnerability gets fixed, I've got a few invites actually available too. 30gigs is running a little older version of RoundCube than what I've set up for UWEC students too though, so things like "Reply All" are on the version I've installed, while 30gigs still needs to add them as of this post. Effectively, it's a shitty service, but as it's a place you can test out RoundCube (which is in Alpha builds right now), it's fun.

Hopefully, they'll add the RoundCube credit soon though, as it is deserved.
- Traegorn

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