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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Serenity Annoucement of Doom, and stuffs
Posted Sep 29, 2005 - 12:49:41

Serenity clipUpdate: Showing Time We're going to Changed!

So, as I'm sure most people who read this site know, Serenity (the film that continues the story begun in Joss Whedon's prematurely cancelled, yet infinitely awesome, series Firefly) premieres nationwide tomorrow in Theaters tomorrow. As I've been waiting for this film ever since they announced that they were going to produce it, you could say that I'm mildly excited.

Okay, so I'm f***ing bouncing off the walls at the moment. You get the point though.

Anyway, what the plan is now is for a whole mess of us to go see the film Friday afternoon at the Oakwood Mall theater. Right now, the plan is to go to the 4:10pm showing. We'll meet somewhere common (like the K.T. Lobby - In fact, right now, that's where I'm planning on us meeting) at 3:30pm, and we can organize transport. If you want to come, feel free to tell me.

That's really all that's up on the docket at the moment. You should expect to see a new content section added to the site soon, as I've been talking with the Matts (only one of whom has shown up on this site before - everyone say hello to Notasfatasmike, aka Biedermann) of Game Freaks about syndicating their Flip Side articles here. It'll be neat, trust me.

That's all, as E.T. said to Elliot "Be Good." Well, right after he slapped Elliot in the face and called him a c***-s***ing whore... It's really too bad they edited that out of the rerelease...
- Traegorn

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I'm going to the matinee with other people. I already gave Neil my money to buy the ticket, so don't wait for me to get there.
Guess what - uh - so am I!

Well, I'm going to the same showing at least!
Very slick, with the changing of the times and all that.
Well, in actuality I had made the times italic in the post to start with just in case they had to be changed. :P
Ooh, so you did change the time. How about that. I'm also going to the 4:10pm showing with Kitty and Neil. So we'll see you there.
OH ..I didn't want to go with us....

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