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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Yarr, this be an entry, matey. Pirates and Ninjas abound!
Posted Sep 19, 2005 - 11:29:13

Yar, for today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yarrrrr! Avast, yee scally wags, it be a very important day wheres we all says "Yarrrr!" and "Arrrg!" and "Avast ye maties!" alot.


*cough* Okay enough of that for the moment. It's been a week since I last posted, which of course makes me a horrible person. Since I then, my awesome Gardening Ninja swag showed up in the mail (a ringer T-shirt and a Large Poster), and I'm actually quite pleased with the merchandise. The poster is, how you say, quite awesome. I'm not trying to sell you guys, I'm just really excited about the new WWHD?/Gardening Ninja shirt because it's neat.

Thursday I train my new J-board members. Hopefully, I'll actually have enough to start running hearings in a week or so. It's frustrating, because I know this could be a valuable experience for so many people, but they get intimidated. Also, it's really good for people who want to get involved but don't buy into the "Yay! Housing! Yippee!" philosophy. I'm too bitter towards the world I think to be one of those people, but I like the idea that I'm contributing to my community. *Shrug* Oh well, can't make someone do something that they don't want to just because I think it would be good for them.

I've been sick these last few days, and I'll tell you it hasn't been fun. It's just a head cold, but not really a fun one. I managed to give it to Erika too, so she's mildly miserable as well because of it. Of course, she had kind of a shitty weekend in general, but I won't go into that.

So, yeah. I'm going to go cough a lot now... I mean, Yarr! I be about to Cough a bit, avast!
- Traegorn

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May yer tankard an' treasure rooms be forever overflowin' with riches of gold! Here-here!

Did you happen to see the 4th pic down on the official TLAP website? PWND.
Your double post negated any form of coolness though. :P
It's not my fault! DNS is screwing up my computer hardcore!
Bah. DNS my ass :P
I'm not familiar with that homosexual lingo, unfortunately.
Either way, "DNS-ing your ass" holds bad connotations, and I refuse regardless.

Trae Dorn
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