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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Life and Death of Earl McCoy
Posted May 28, 2005 - 17:18:13

This is a Cathedral, and not a churchI know that the first question you must be asking yourself is "Just who the heck is Earl McCoy?"

To you I simply shrug, and say "Earl McCoy is every single one of us. He is of this earth and of every mind... we are all Earl McCoy in some small way..." That may sound all nice and fancy, but what it really means is "I have no idea, I thought it made a good title though." That's right, I just made up a title, and went with it. And now you've wasted this much time reading about a title that randomly passed through my mind while walking downstairs this morning to a breakfast served far too early on a Saturday. Nine frickin' AM is an hour that I should not see on a Saturday folks. The picture of National Cathedral that accompanies this post was selected for no particular reason either, other than the fact that I sort of like the way it looks.

Anyway, Erika, the much spoken of love of my life, decided it would be funny if she tried to convince me that she had shaved her head -- as she is far away at the moment. Last night she tells me this, and I don't believe her. She of course acts hurt that I wouldn't believe her, and after an hour or so of her insisting that she has shaved her head. She then continues the ruse today, until after my prompting her to e-mail me a photo of this supposedly shaved head, she sends me a photo which clearly shows her having a full head of hair.

Erika, like every other woman on earth, is evil. Plain and simple. She is so lucky that we're in different cities for a few months, or she'd be recieving the noogie of a lifetime for this particular prank. I must find a way to get her back, I just haven't thought of one yet. But that's for later...

At this moment, I am downloading episode ten of the New Doctor Who. At this moment, I am considering taking a walk. At this moment, I am scared of unpacking my room (as it is a daunting task). At this moment, I am trying to figure out what I am doing tonight, as my social life in Milwaukee is slightly limited in its options. At this moment, I think I'll end this post.
- Traegorn

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To get her back, shave YOUR head!
I thought about it, but honestly -- can you imagine me with a shaved head?

I sure can't.
I can't either. O_o

You can't get back at her right away, because she'll be expecting it. You have to bide your time, and when she least expects it, BAM!

I'll let you know if I think of anything good...
Hmm...I don't know her but I would say in the spirit of a loving relationship don't get her back at all, considering that she MUST be the most benevolent, humble, kind, couragous, gorgeous, and loving girlfriend. She also much love a WHOLE lot.
*...she also MUST LOVE YOU A WHOLE LOT**

Erika, talking about yourself in the third person is just WEIRD. :P

Trae Dorn
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