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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Just got back from Madison
Posted May 26, 2005 - 23:45:09

My travels are unending, apparently, as I just returned from three days in Mad-town, spending the last time I had available to spend with Erika before she heads west...

...we think. Funny story there - Erika got her letter telling her she was hired, and she got her drug test done within two weeks of that. But now they're saying she didn't get it done within a month of her getting hired - regardless of when they actually bothered to tell her that she was hired - and that her appointment to employment has been terminated. Needless to say, Erika is fighting this.

She also interviewed yesterday for the Board of Regents a second time, and she will finally find out if she got the appointment or not on Monday. About. Friggin'. Time.

It was nice spending the time with her though. Tuesday night we just ended up crashing, but on Wednesday (after her interview) we went to the Madison zoo, and then saw the movie "Gunner Palace." Gunner Palace is a documentary about the war in Iraq that I think everyone should see. The film maker followed several members of our armed forces around in what is supposedly post-war Iraq. It's enlightening without being graphic -- truly a wonderful piece of work.

Anyways, today was spent mostly in a committee meeting for the State Assembly. They were discussing AB 343, which is the proposed ban on Morning After pill distribution on UW campuses. Erika was making a statement as a part of United Council. I ended up getting so frustrated that I testified myself (as it was a public session). Afterwards, Erika and I grabbed dinner -- and then I grabbed the last Badger Bus of the day and got home, bought some cat food, called Erika to tell her I was alright, and now I'm posting this.

- Traegorn

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Happy Fun Time!

Strangely enough, Taeliac and I were at UWM yesterday, too. Wouldn't that be odd if we would've ran into each other? Freaky.
The Milwaukee Campus or Madison Campus?

Because UWM usually refers to Milwaukee

I was reading that wrong, I thought you went to multiple UW campuses. Nevermind. That was a blonde moment, and I apologize profusely.
I 'twas at el Capitol, talking about the campuses. *nods*
I noticed, as previously mentioned.

: makes 'duh' noises :

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