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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Eau Claire has yet again pulled me back in...
Posted Jan 25, 2005 - 10:04:33

...I think it's the whole "I go to school here" thing or something.

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, as I was afraid of doing so during the server move (and yes, this post is on the new server). Much has happened, from Erika visiting me in Milwaukee to multiple times hanging out with Derek and Chris, and I've had a decent time. Sunday though saw me arriving back in EC, and I've been settling in nicely.

The new room is quite nice, but I'm not done rearranging it. It's so nice to have a single, I just can't say that enough.

So, I scavenged my mom's broken laptop, and now have it working fully. Okay, so I had to partition 1/4 of the Harddrive off as useless space, but the computer works now. I've switched it to Win2K, and am slowly installing updates right now. It's a slower PC than my current laptop (that I type this from), but it has a nicer screen and a working battery. What I plan on doing is using it as a portable for purely web surfing and e-mail, while using my current laptop for all of my art, papers, and various other tasks.

It's my new toy, that I can abuse, and not worry about. See, if I break it, it doesn't matter. It's not my primary machine, so I can keep working like nothing happened if it goes down. Oh yeah, and I've named it "Darius." I'm going to install Firefox, Thunderbird, and OpenOffice on it, and that's it. No other software (okay, maybe Quake 1 CTF, as I now have a three computer LAN in my room between my three laptops -- the 75 mHz Pentium Hanzo included of course).

Very exciting, I know.

My plan for today is to update the Flip Side website today, so I can get around to improving it as well. We're planning News blogs, and guess what software will be used to run it...

...hmmm, I wonder. *grin*

Well, I'll cut this entry off here, as I should get dressed, get myself some breakfast, rearrange my room, and then get to work. Oh, the fun I shall have.

Back to work I go.
- Traegorn

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