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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Posted Jan 12, 2005 - 18:33:09

'Tis raining out...because the server is currently being moved. That's right, will yet again end up on another set of server farms... this time hopefully for good. I should be able to back this message up and transfer it directly, but as I am unsure if I can or not, it will be an experience.

Right now it's raining outside. I took the photo at about 4:00pm, when it was a little bit lighter out. It's always weird when it's raining and still cold enough to maintain the snow on the ground...

I haven't updated for several days, I know, and frankly quite a lot has happened. We'll rewind to last Thursday to start with though.

*insert rewinding noises here as I prepare for a huge update*

Anyways, Thursday evening I finally was able to get together with Anna while she was back in the country (she left back for Mali yesterday). News on the Anna front states that she'll be in Mali for the next seven or eight months, doing the various Peace Corps things that Peace Corps people do. Anna has also gotten engaged. Mike proposed to her, and he's apparently going to spend the rest of Anna's tour in Mali there with her. The wedding will happen when they get back.

Anna and ChrisAnywho, I got together with her, Chris, and Derek that night. We drove out to Denny's (I ended up being the wheel man) and hung out there for a while. We talked, caught up, and Anna gave Derek, Chris and myself a fairly interesting set of souvenirs. See, she gave us each a watch, each with an interesting *cough* picture on it (take a look for yourself) that she bought at a bus stop in Mali for a few dollars. Quoth the Anna, "I thought you guys might prefer something a bit less stereotypical African souvenir, but also something that you wouldn't see in a store here." Chris was highly amused (hence his being doubled over from laughter in the photo above). Chris and I got different pictures of the same infamous figure, while Derek recieved one with the visage of a man who's initials are OBL. After Denny's, Anna, Chris, Derek and myself all headed over to Derek's house where we played a little Halo 2 and just plain old hung out. 'Twas good.

On Friday, I drove up to Eau Claire to do the combination task of put in job applications and see the lovely Erika. Thankfully, the drive itself was uneventful, and nothing interesting happened on the road at all. I mean, there are some times when you want interesting things to happen, but if you're driving on the freeway in the winter... yeah, that isn't one of those times.

Erika on the phone...Erika and I spent Friday night hanging out, watching a movie, and eating cheese and crackers. On Saturday, she and I drove into Menomonie to attend a belated Christmas celebration with her parents. It was a fun experience, and the lamb was delicious.

On Sunday I was able to get into K.T. and move my stuff out of the Social Room and into my new dorm room. Having a single room is going to be soooo friggin' nice. So, yeah. My personal belongings are no longer being kept in a public space, and that makes me uber happy.

On Monday, I got some job stuff done while Erika was in class, which is good. I also got a parking ticket, which is bad. Erika and I went to lunch at Fazoli's with our friend Phil as well, which is good. Phil is an interesting cat, and it's always cool to hang out with him. PhilAfter lunch, the three of us ventured over to PetCo, where Erika proceeded to stare at the snakes for a while, and Phil and I argued over the true value of sweaters for dogs. Erika had wanted to look at the Ferrets, but sadly PetCo was out of tuberats in the post holiday season. Erika and I spent Monday night watching a bunch of West Wing season 3 on DVD.

On Tuesday I hit the road for Milwaukee, and got a mostly clear drive, until I was about ten minutes away from Madison. Right before Madison, you see, I was hit with a very, very thick fog. I spent the rest of the car trip in low visibility, crossing my fingers. Thankfully, I made it alright and sat down and relaxed when I got home.

As there is thunder and lightning, I should probably turn off the computer -- so I'll end this entry here (I also don't have much else to say, so it's not like it matters much). I probably won't update again for a few days, but I doubt I'll have anything this long (so don't worry about any novels).

Be good.
- Traegorn

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