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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Terminations, Travel, Speeding Tickets, and Everything In Between
Posted June 29, 2004 - 14:09:26

Back Window of the VanSo, for the people I haven't told yet, I got fired on Friday.

So, yeah, that sucks.

It's because I wasn't performing up to quota, and I don't think I'm going to spend that much time talking about it. As I was planning on going up to visit Erika on Sunday (so I could pay my speeding ticket Monday morning), in a rare moment of "what the f***," she and I decided I should go up Saturday afternoon instead.

So I grabbed the Van and did.

When I got up there on Saturday, Erika and I went first to a graduation party for someone she had gone to high school with. Well, first there was the adventure of missing the detour on the way to the party and having to turn around, but that's not really all that exciting. *grin* Upon arriving, we didn't stay that long. After feeling incredibly older and much more sophisticated than we really were, we headed out.

That night we ended up at a party being hosted by her current boy John and his friends. John was cool, as were some of the people, but I found myself at first just people watching. I don't know, maybe I'm an arrogant asshole, but these were fairly sheltered people. Nice, but sheltered.

After a while though, more people arrived at the party, and that's when things got... "interesting." See, many of the new arrivals were Them. Who are They? They're the vapid inhabitants of the Nasty Habit bar. They're the people who exist on a level so shallow that the concept of a deep and meaningful connection with another human being doesn't advance past "what are you wearing tonight?" They are what's wrong with America.

There's one particular one of Them that pissed me off a lot, but that's a story too long for this post. Needless to say, if I ever see this particular person again, I will break her.

Yeah. You don't f*** with my friends.

We ended up at the Joynt for a small chunk of the evening, where I ran into David Recine... who was completely trashed. Okay, so David Recine drunk is officially the funniest thing in the world.

An interesting Self Portrait from ErikaAnyway, after the party I drove Erika home to Menomonie (where I was crashing at her house). Yeah, so I made the mistake of going 40 in a 25 on the way back and got pulled over.


Thankfully, the cops were really just out looking to nab drunk drivers that night, and as I was stone cold sober (since I don't drink), I was left with just a warning. We'd like to thank the gods for nice police officers who have logical priorities.

On Sunday Erika and I mostly just bummed around her house. I attempted to fix her parent's computer... and failed, but not much else exciting occurred. That night we drove into the Twin Cities in an attempt to see Fahrenheit 9/11. Yeah, we failed. After much driving around like morons, we finally got to the theater, and found the showing we wanted to go to was sold out.

So, we wandered around Minneapolis for a while, and eventually hit the road back to Menomonie. When we got back to her house, we put in a film that looks fairly interesting called "Russian Ark." Sadly though, both of us fell asleep about 15-20 minutes into the film.

These are Erika's feet.  Why she took this photo, I don't knowI woke up at 6am, and hit the road so I could pay my speeding ticket. After the exciting action of cutting a check (woo... dramatic), I headed back to Menomonie, and Erika and I spent most of Monday hanging out.

At about 6pm, I hit the road back to Milwaukee. After almost falling asleep on the road at one point, I caffeinated myself and was fine for the rest of the drive. After calling Erika to tell her I made it to Milwaukee safely, I went to bed...

...and then I woke up, and started typing this.

So, yeah, that was the last few days.
- Traegorn

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