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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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It Was a Very, Very Strange Monday.
Posted June 15, 2004 - 2:20:57

A shirt and tieSo, today was very, very strange. My original plan for tonight was very simple: Sit at home, veg out, and watch some TV.

Needless to say, this didn't happen.

David called me from the office at about 1pm, asking if I wanted to go to a reception at 5pm for New Voters Project. I wasn't doing anything, so I decided "What the heck", and went. I grabbed some nice slacks, a button up shirt, and my blue tie, and at five o'clock, myself and several other canvassers were on our way.

The reception was for one of NVP's supporters, and new Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (who also happens to live a block away from me), both spoke. It was interesting, we did a little shmoozing, and a decent time was had by all.

Afterwards, a group of us went out. This motley crew included David (my brother, and our fearless leader), Mary (who I've known since seventh grade), Brandon (random guy, mildly preppy), and Ellen (I'm adding something here for pattern, but have nothing to say about her). Brandon suggested we go to a new bar that, apparently, he knows people at.

So we did, and oh boy... was that place amusing.

First off, it's called "CO2" (as in Carbon Dioxide), and lists itself as an "Ultralounge". Uh huh. This place was so not my normal scene, it was hysterical. I was thankful that I had just come from a semi-formal event, so I didn't stick out. Everyone was so prepped and quaffed it was great. This place had flashing lights, stylish leather furniture, carpets, a live DJ... let's just say that the Beer at this place costs $5, when a pitcher of the same brand at my normal Eau Claire bar (The Joynt) costs $6. It was just so... funny. The sheer pretentiousness of many of the people there was just great.

I will say though that it's not a bad place to go. It's very much not my scene, but if I wanted to exit my scene for a night, this is where I'd go.

David and Mary were frankly flirting all night. If those two don't get together, I'll be surprised. Ellen asked me if they were going out, to which I had to reply "I have no idea." Here's the secret boys and girls, my brother and I don't talk all that much. We live together, we get along, and I love the bum -- but when it comes to girls, we frankly don't discuss the issue. I'm pretty safe talking about this here, since I'm fairly sure David doesn't read this (if you do man, you have to point it out to me).

What was my main source of amusement for the evening was watching Brandon try to work his swerve. Brandon, who I will now jokingly refer to as "Mr. Smooth," first tried to work his magic moves on Mary. Mary, who was paying most of her attention to her drink, and the rest to David, frankly didn't even notice. It was quite amusing. As the night continued, he moved on to Ellen. Ellen actually seemed to bite though, so I guess Mr. Smooth was successful.

What made it so funny was the way he did it - he used such a cliched move that I had to work hard not to start laughing. He did the old "Stretch the arm over the back of the sofa, and slowly slide it down around her over an extended period of time" bit. It was just... funny as hell.

As I do not drink, I was driver for the night. After taking everyone home, I went and... well, I wrote this. Exciting. Now I think I shall go to bed, because I have to work tomorrow...
- Traegorn

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