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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Rest In Peace: My Social Life
Posted June 13, 2004 - 0:54:26

RIP: My Social LifeWhile chatting with Befu online tonight, we had a very interesting conversation... about how we frankly have no social lives.

It goes as follows (I am of course Traegorn, and Befu is Seischiro):

Traegorn: See, I can't bring myself to going to bed early, but I still have to get up early and go to work... Sleep and Social life are things of the past, sadly.
Seischiro: i have the sleep, just not the social life.
Traegorn: Let us mourn the death of "going out and having fun", hehe
Seischiro: yes, lets. who'll be performing the eulogy?
Traegorn: I say we get Rev. Al Sharpton to do it. He's not up to anything at the moment.
Seischiro: Good idea. Open or closed casket?
Seischiro: I think Captain Morgan should be one of the pallbearers.
Traegorn: Closed Casket. I don't think I want to see the condition it was in when it kicked the bucket. :P
Seischiro: Mebbe Mr. Clean...'cos sometimes you needed him after all that fun.
Traegorn: Along with Jack Daniels...
Seischiro: Hm...we need atleast another pallbearer.
Traegorn: Hmmm...
Traegorn: Cap'n Crunch, for the heck of it.
Seischiro: Why not? Sounds good to me.
Seischiro: Or Count Chocula!
Traegorn: *nods*
Seischiro: I can just see the obituary in the paper.
Traegorn: Yes, "The collective social life of Trae and Befu was found dead this morning, apparent cause of death was a complete and total lack of time. The body was discovered by an old lady who tripped on it..."
Seischiro: Having Fun, Going Out and died earlier this week of unknown causes. It was said that after his wife Time left for the Tropic of Capricorn with Military Time it was the end of him. He lasted a few days afterwards, but had nothing to live for. He passed away quietly after a 60 some hour period without sleep. Friends Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels were by his side in his last few hours. Daniels states that he "...just withered away after his stagnant period of sitting at home, doing absolutely nothing." Family wasn't availible for commenting, they were too busy with work, school and life in general. Proceeded in death by father, Good 'ol Time and mother Nice Time. No known direct descendents as of yet.
Seischiro: phew. that took a while to write.

Have a good night kids.
- Traegorn

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