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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Some people are not worth my time.
Posted May 3, 2004 - 11:27:31

A special message to my anonymous detractorsThe image I've posted today is not random. It contains a special message for the people who this rant is targeted at. So, allow me to explain a personal pet peeve of mine. I know I've talked about it in this space before, but frankly it's been a couple of years. And within those two years, seemingly the same people have forgotten the message.

What I hate the most in life is people who have a problem with me, but are unwilling to actually say it to my face. In my opinion, frankness and honesty is always a virtue. If you expect me to change any of my actions to a standard that you desire, I require that you show me the respect of coming up to me yourself, and stamp your name on it - in big bold letters.

If there's one thing that I'm proud of, is that no matter how assinine a comment I make, or how stupid the statement that I proclaim, it's always clearly me. When someone feels the need to have a proxy contact me, under the auspices of "don't tell him who said this", then you are a sorry little coward and your opinion literally means nothing to me.

What's really dishonorable as well is when people drag in an uninvolved third party, and force them into the middle of it. That's just not not kosher.

You know what I do respect? People who have the balls to come to me with their problem. If I'm doing something that you don't like, *talk* to me. I'm am probably the easiest person to contact in the world. I'm always around in the same places, I have multiple phone numbers, a simple e-mail address ( along with my campus account), several instant messengers, along with various message board accounts where private messages can be sent. I will calmly listen to your complaint.

Whether or not I do what you want me to do is another story altogether, but I'm not going to break your arm or something if I disagree with you.

Also, don't waste my time coming to me angry. If you can't be calm, then you haven't thought through the problem well enough. You're still thinking on a gut, emotional level. If you can't look at the situation at least semi-objectively, then you have to recognize that.

But again, if you aren't willing to show me the respect to talk to me directly and stamp your name on it, then don't expect me to give a damn about what you think. Until you talk to me yourself, you are a non-person to me. Don't expect any more than that either.

I could go into the specifics of the problems that were presented to me, and what social organization they're connected to, but frankly it's the same scapegoating nonsense that happened two years ago as well. I have no grand agenda for the organization, and no authority to carry one out anyways. If you think I did, or that I do - you're taking that club waaaay too seriously. It's just meant to be for fun. You know what fun is, right?

People really need to stop taking things so god damned seriously.
- Traegorn

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