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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Open Letter to Liechtenstein from Un-named European Countries
Posted May 4, 2004 - 11:32:13

LiechtensteinDear Liechtenstein,

We, a series of un-named countries that may or may not contain German speakers, feel that you are no longer acceptable as a European Nation. We don't like the direction you're taking Europe, and fear that you will somehow rise up and take over France or something (since they just seem to surrender to anyone with even a slightly German sounding accent). We also think you're exerting too much of an influence over Belgium, who is impressionable, since he's having a linguistic identity crisis anyways.

Portugal, you know - the skinny country that's rather pushy and rude - also thinks you're far too loud an abnoxious. Portugal thinks you harbor an unneeded dislike for Spain. Portugal claims that they have always been friends with Spain, and has no idea what you're talking about with the whole "What do you mean? You're *supposed* to hate Spain! You're Portugal!" statements. Portugal says that it's clear that you're trying to drive apart the Iberian peninsula's sense of camaraderie and togetherness.

So, we'd like you to leave Europe. Go move to Africa or something, where little countries like you are tolerated.

-Unnamed European Countries.

Sorry, needed a little bit of comic relief after yesterday's directed angst.

Found some interesting things out yesterday, but nothing too surprising. So far, most things are falling down on lines I recognize. Oh, I may not have seen the divisions and angst at all, but so far I haven't seen anyone act out of character for how I thought they'd act.

Geh. Maybe I was right a year ago, when I decided I should just leave my old life behind and start from scratch. It's too late for that clean a slate now, but I think that's what I have to do within some groups that I had been spending time with. I can't stand people who lie to your face, and pretend to like you when they really don't want to be around you at all.

It's just so retarded. I have no respect for people who say one thing but mean another.

If you don't like me, tell me to my face. That's all I ask, because then I'll just stop spending time around you. I'll have more fun not dealing with you, you'll have more fun not dealing with me, and we'll all be much happier. This is not complicated, people. It's called voluntary avoidance of hassle.

If you do like me, but find something I'm doing annoying, just have the balls to tell me. Say "This bothers me," and maybe I'll stop. I honestly will not know if you don't tell me, people. I can't read your frickin' mind. I don't know what you're thinking, and I never claimed that I did.
- Traegorn

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