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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Blugold Organizations Bash me in the Head....
Posted Feb 4, 2004 - 16:56:47

Or something like that. Oh, look, my server knows what day it is again... isn't that great...

Anywho - today was a busy day. I helped run the B.O.B. table for the High and Mighty Jugglers, which had me using a Diabolo for two hours straight without break... but it was fun. Lots of yelling, lots of goofing around, and I didn't rip my jeans this B.O.B. or lose my voice at all -- which make it a better event than last semester.

For those who don't know, B.O.B. (Blugold Organizations Bash) is essentially where all of the clubs come together, and try to sell themselves to new students, and other bored people. I belong to two on campus organizations - one of which is High And Mighty Jugglers (the Juggling club). So, yeah -- that's what I was doing.

Well, that and class. I did go to class too - that's why I was using the Diabolo for two hours instead of three.

Afterwards, I ended up talking with Brian and Tiff, and we ended up wandering all over Davies. Then I ended up at the Flipside table, where Brian headed off, and I was talking with Tiff, some guy who I don't know the name of, and Dr. Peterson of the Poli Sci department.

Oh yeah, and I ran into Dustin. That was cool.

Anywho, I sat there talking for probably an hour and a half. Tiff gave me some invaluable advice, and I headed up the hill.

Which is where I am now.

Writing this.

Now I'm still writing...

...I guess I should stop now then, huh...

Oh yeah, one more thing -- I decided that I'm going to skip the Dean meetup tonite. I'm just too tired at this point. Yeah.
- Traegorn

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