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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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My Money is on Twenty-One...
Posted Jan 22, 2004 - 19:32:13

Okay, so my mom is currently downstairs grading her "Creative Writing" class' papers. Out of the ten she's done so far, there is currently a body count of nine. That's right, nine characters have died. That isn't to say that someone dies in every story but one, no. Sometimes it's three people dying, sometimes it's one, so a few of her kids aren't writing morbidly depressing tales...

But most of them are.

Right now, my dad, brother and I are taking bets. Out of the twenty-eight papers my mom has to grade, I'm saying that there will be twenty-one dead. My brother has money on twenty, and my dad went to the whopping thirty mark.

The worst thing that I do when I'm depressed is drawing the deaths of cute, cartoonish forest animals. I don't go around killing whole fictional people...

...okay, so I did draw people dying in an entertaining fashion maybe once or twice -- but one time I was mad at Yuppies, and the other time it was a characature of my old high school theatre director.

And no one should ever be held responsible for death threats against their theatre directors.

But I digress.

I've been fairly weird today. Reality smacked me in the forehead today, and I've been reeling from it for a good chunk of the day.

I don't know. My rational brain had been caught up to reality for quite some time, but my emotional self hadn't quite understood the entire memo. Being here in Milwaukee has prevented me from doing some critical healing from the breakup with Erin. I had been able to avoid feeling certain things, and dealing with them. This wasn't a conscious effort. I mean, I had put things off for finals before I left school, but afterwards I disappeared and didn't move on.

So, I'm freshly broken as if I've existed in an emotional stasis, while the world has moved on without me. The wounds are fresh, and I'm going back into the world.

I go back to Eau Claire on Saturday. I'm skipping Trivia this year. This will be the first time since I started going that I've skipped it. Why? Mostly because class starts on Monday, and I'd like to have a day to get reacclimated to school. But, I think it's partly because I want to see Erin... and see if I can handle being around her again.

Oi, either way, I've got to pack.
- Traegorn

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