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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Lucky as Hell...
Posted Dec 17, 2003 - 18:55:24

Note: I'm poor, I need money to eat. If you can spare a $1, $3, $5, whatever -- I would appreciate it so I can make my next webhosting payment, and hopefully my phone-bill too.
So, I almost missed my final this morning.

Yeah, that would have been bad.

What happened was, I turned my alarm off in my sleep. Erin, noticing I wasn't around and that I hadn't called her, called me at 7:50am, thankfully waking me up... so I could make it to my 8:00am calculus final.

Yeah, that would have been very bad.

I have one final left, and that's my Poli Sci/AIS final. I'm getting together with some people from my class to study for it around 5:30pm... but after my final tomorrow, I'm done for the semester.


I'm going out tonite with like twenty other people to see Return of the King, which I'm really excited about. What I think is funny, is that I keep thinking of this as the short version of the film (since we'll see a longer, extended cut on DVD in a year). Short version, yeah... The "short" version is still three hours long...


But, I'm still excited. I'm all about three hour films if they're as good as the Lord of the Rings series has been. Yeah...

I have to pack up my stuff tomorrow, and start moving out of my room. Yeah, I get to move AGAIN. And since I'm moving into Towers, it'll be the THIRD TIME I've moved into that building... yeesh.

I'm heading down to Milwaukee on either Monday or Tuesday, depending on when Sabrina's going down. I'm spending all of break down there... and I will have to do things like bring my TV up and stuff when I come back. Yeah...

That'll be a fun trip. But, again, I'll be in Milwaukee ALL BREAK, so if anyone wants to hang out, just give me a call.
- Traegorn

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