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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Stiff Neck.
Posted Dec 20, 2003 - 13:43:24

Note: I'm poor, I need money to eat. If you can spare a $1, $3, $5, whatever -- I would appreciate it so I can make my next webhosting payment, and hopefully my phone-bill too.
So, I slept last night on a couch in Towers. Why? Because I checked out of my room in Sutherland yesterday, but the guy living in my new room doesn't move out until today.

And while I guess I could have slept in the room too, I really didn't feel like imposing on the guy on his last night in town -- and it looked like his girlfriend was there when I moved some of my stuff in. And since that would have been 100% awkward, I slept the night on a TV lounge couch.

And since I was at an odd angle (watching TV) when I fell asleep, I have a stiff neck.

I still had a good time last night, as a bunch of my friends, who hadn't left town yet, stayed up late watching movies. When they put in "Finding Nemo", I made myself go to sleep -- rather than let myself get mopey and depressed (complicated story, that has more to do with the last time I'd seen the movie than the movie itself).

In othe news, the official plan for the "Trae's amazing trip home" is that I'm heading down on Tuesday -- so there's no confusion. If you're in the Milwaukee area, and you want to get together with me during break, I'll be around until the 24th of January or so. So, you can give me a call on my Cell phone, or at my parents' after Tuesday.

I'm still waiting on my Poli Sci grade, but other than that, I know how I did this semester. I'm disappointed with my Computer Science grade (which I won't mention), but it was good enough for prerequisite purposes, and if my Poli Sci grade is what I think it is, I'll still have a three point this semester.

For my first semester back full time, I think I've done pretty well for myself. And while my cummulative isn't as high as I want it yet, it is getting closer.

I just hope I got my A in Poli Sci. I mean, I know I got either an A or a B, it just depends on how well I did on the final (I've been getting A's and -A's in the class all semester). And while I feel pretty good about the final, it was still an essay exam, so I have no real way to tell until I get the grade back. And since essay exams take the longest to grade, and the exam was administered almost at the end of exam week, I probably won't know my grade in the class until the deadline (Tuesday).

On the upside, I got an A- in Calculus, and an A- in Karate. I got an acceptable B in Geology too, which while not something to sing about -- I'll take a B any day of the week.

Again, the only grade I'm disappointed with is my grade in my computer science course. But, it's at least high enough where I can just move on from the class and put it behind me. (Okay, so you all know I'll accept B's, and it had to be higher than a D because I said it would meet prerequisites for other classes, so my not mentioning my grade letter really isn't hiding much... but I still refuse to admit my grade in the course... vanity I guess.)

But enough about my academic situation - as I'm sure it's a horrendously boring topic for the odd voyeurs who tune into my life via this blog. I promise that I'll make my next entry more entertaining, and less mind numbingly boring.
- Traegorn

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