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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Thanksgiving. Argg.
Posted Nov 24, 2003 - 16:17:12

Okay, so this week is Thanksgiving. A time for showing thanks. A time to gather with our loved ones... and the ones we pretend are loved ones because we share a few genetic similarities. A time of overeating, feeling sleepy, and blaming it on tryptophan, when the real reason is that we're just a bunch of pigs. A time for Pumpkin pie...

A time for good old Trae to stress out because he has too much homework due this week.

But, a jolly time none the less. It snowed yesterday, and continued today. There's a light powdering of snow on the grass right now. On one hand it's pretty. On the other hand, it's frickin' cold out (although not as cold as it WILL be...).

But 16 degrees is cold, no matter how you slice it.

I guess, on the upside, I don't have a driveway to shovel anymore. Growing up, my parents never bought a snow blower. Their reasoning? "We have two sons". Yeah. Thanks... Of course, after my brother and I moved out, what did they do? Get a snow blower. I, thankfully, no longer live there. My brother has moved back in though, and may be forced to shovel when the snow gets too deep for the snow blower to work.

I shouldn't be pleased with that, but I am. Does that make me a bad person? Meh. Probably.

But again, I'm going home for Thanksgiving, which means that my parents, brother, sister (who will be in from DC), and I will cram into a car for two hours on a trip from Milwaukee to Chicago. Once there, we will see lots of relatives - some who we'll want to see, a few we could do without. But a large crowd none the less. And we'll have good food, and avoid eye contact with my cousin Linda's kids. Those two are creepy.

Really creepy.

Rumiko Takahashi's 'Laughing Target' level creepy.

Little boy from Ju-on creepy.


In any case, it'll be an interesting time - as I get to explain to everyone the whole "Political Science" choice... yeesh. This is how a conversation will go:

Relative: So, what are you up to these days?
Me: Going to school, not much else.
Relative: You working these days?
Me: No, just school. But I'm looking for work.
Relative: That's good. What are you studying these days?
Me: Political Science
Relative: Ah... and what do you plan on doing with that?

Okay, so it won't end like that, mostly because I don't think that I'd get away with actively telling my relatives that I plan on taking over the world... but it would be funny. No, that conversation will probably end with:

Relative: Ah... and what do you plan on doing with that?
Me: Well, I plan on... is that salmon? Mmmm - just one minute... *I run away*.

Yeah. I mean, I know what I plan on doing (grad school, then either teaching or running for office) - but the instant I do that, I expand the conversation... and we end up talking about me much more than I like. Yeah, I know... I talk about me a lot normally, but I talk about unimportant stuff like what comic I'm drawing, or what the topic of my Flipside article is going to be... rarely am I talking about something important. I don't like talking about my life plans... and that's really all my relatives are interested in... geh.

Ah well. I'll have fun... or die trying. Maybe I'll just start people I'm planning on taking over the world, make jokes, and avoid the topic. That might actually work...
- Traegorn

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