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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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What's that? The WHOLE SITE works again?
Posted Nov 12, 2003 - 15:56:33

Okay, after dealing with a server move, an unexpected hard drive crash, and certain doom... should now be 100% operational, from head to toe. Even the reply forms in the Craptacular web have been fixed - so, yeah - it's all good.

In other news of the me, the Michio Kaku forum last week was awesome (He gave me ten points. I'm not explaining that comment). Also, my first article to appear in the Flipside showed up in todays issue. I might start helping with their website, but that's only if the current web guy wants me to.

Oh, and I have sadder news. After hosting with me for over seven years, the Tosa East Players website has decided to move to another server. I wish them nothing but luck, and if they ever want to move back, my door is always open.

Oh yeah, and I've finally fixed the Otaku Anonymous message board - so, that's up and running now too. Like I said, I fixed lots of things.

I've been pretty good lately - after realizing that I can't help but do well in my classes at this point (Well, CS is getting shakier, but since I can't actually FAIL, I'm realizing that my dream of a cummulative 3.0 gpa by the end of the year is still very achievable.


So, now I have two projects to do before I can start working on TRHOnline v6.0 -- IBS's website (which I promised to help Derek with months and months ago) and a possible design for the Flipside. I'm nuts. Really.

I have to be.
- Traegorn

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