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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The new look for
Posted June 18, 2003 - 23:47:04

I spent today doing two things: Dealing with a constantly crashing computer, and redesigning the entire look of

Well, it's not entirely a new look, really it's more of an evolution. I wanted the site to look a little less, well, clean I guess. So, I went on a "rusted metal" kick. Of course, since the dominant colors of this site have been white, gray and blue since fall of 2000 (before that they were black and blue), I decided to keep the same color scheme as best I could. The logo is pretty much the same too.

Mostly I think the website needed a breath of fresh air. I've had the same design for over a year now, and I'm in no mood to stagnate. The scripts (my blog and the TRHCommunity app) have a slightly different look, because I had to force the design into them assbackwards. Consider this the look for the new year, since the site turns seven years old on June 25th (tho we've only been .com for three years).

Of course, it would have been a much easier if my computer hadn't crashed five times today. See, I got a scanner donated to me the other day. I tried to install it - in vain. This thing is so old, the drivers crash because my processor is too fast. Ummm... this is only a 366MHz laptop... grrr... So, I had to spend all day fighting my laptop, and I finally got the system working fine. Of course, this still means no scanner... geh. Ah well, eventually I'll be able to afford one. Eventually.
- Traegorn

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