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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Something brews within this hollow mind...
Posted June 18, 2003 - 1:58:59

Have you ever been in a position where you can clearly see that someone you're close to is in a dangerous situation, and that they refuse to see it? Yeah... This is very much the case for multiple friends of mine. (*Slams head into wall*). I need to remind myself that some of these people are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves... of course, some of them aren't... geh...

Had a nice long conversation with Chris tonite. I stopped by the gas station while he was working and we chatted for quite some time. I then went off, and called Erin - talked to the lovely lady for a while, and then met up with Chris after he finished work. Chris and I had a good talk, and we walked around the neighborhood while I pontificated, and he chain smoked. We mostly bitched about this, that, and the other thing. It was good. Very good.

I need to get together with Chris more often I think. Of course, if I want to get ahold of Heather I have to go via Chris' cellphone until the 24th (when their phone finally gets installed). Well, I guess I could just stop by their apartment unannounced... but I somehow doubt they'd appreciate that, considering they just moved in together and all. (*grin*)

I got a replacement matress today too. No, sadly it isn't new - but it's from the '70s, and that's kind of cool. It's also in pretty good shape, so it's not a big deal. We bought it from the neighbors who are moving for a price that I believe was a little high... but I digress. No more airmatress. That's what's important.
- Traegorn

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