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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Back in Eau Claire...
Posted May 5, 2003 - 14:55:21

Had a fairly fun weekend in Milwaukee. Erin, Heidi, and myself went down on Saturday afternoon (It was supposed to be Saturday morning, but Heidi took forever getting ready). Theoretically, Erin and Heidi were going to the Matchbox 20 concert... theoretically. See, they decided to get ahold of their friend Brian, and hang out with him first. They decided that they were having too much fun though, and hung out with him instead of going to the concert. Me? I went on a quest of getting ahold of friends. I apparently called Anna at a rather inopportune time though (which makes me laugh, hard) - and Derek seems to have vanished into the ether or something - because I couldn't get ahold of him for the life of me.

I did get ahold of Chris though (who knew I was coming down), and we hung out for a while. We took a rather long walk, and talked. It was good. Erin then came back over to my parent's house (Heidi stayed over at Brian's), and we watched the first half of UHF... and then fell asleep.

Erin and I had breakfast with my parents on Sunday morning, which was cool. We then drove out to Devil's Lake state park and met up with Heidi, Brian, and a couple of Brian's friends. We hiked up to Devil's Doorway and back down. Afterwards, we went out to eat. It was about 10:00pm by the time we actually headed back to Eau Claire.

All and all, a good weekend. And thus ends the update.
- Traegorn

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