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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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148 E-mails... 124 are spam...
Posted May 2, 2003 - 13:59:24

So, I need to check my e-mail more often these days. I hadn't done so since Tuesday... and my inbox had a whopping 148 new messages.


What amazes me are that 124 of them were SPAM. Geh - that sucks. Anyways, I need to check my e-mail more often none the less.

Tomorrow I head down to Milwaukee with Erin. That ought to be interesting. She's (in theory) going to a Matchbox 20 concert with Heidi. Me? I'm along for the ride to drop off more possessions in the home of my parents. I've been rather antisocial lately I've realized - barely seeing most of my friends. I need to change that I think, and I've already started doing that. I called Chris while he was in town yesterday - so I think I'm making progress. (Shrug).

Yesterday was my last day at work. That in itself was weird. I've been an employee of that particular store since Fall 2000. That's 2 3/4 years for those who feel like doing the math. Now I am no longer an employee of Best Buy (I finally said my now former employer's name on the site... gasp... hehe.) That's very... different. I think I'll miss the place, although another part of me is screaming "I'm free! I'm free!" and falling over with maniacal laughter.

Going to go out and see X-Men 2 tonite, that'll be fun. I'm really looking forward to this. I think the fact that they're calling it X2 is retarded though. It's X-Men 2 people, get over it.
- Traegorn

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