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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I Like NoBrandCon, I Dislike Clairemont Comics
Posted Nov 25, 2002 - 17:59:35

Note: It turns out that Clairemont Comics did NOT say this about NoBrandCon, and it's just been a big misunderstanding. I want to make that clear, since this is currently on the web for all to see. Fountain of Youth had NoBrandCon confused with StrDexCon (which did suck, that's why it doesn't exist anymore).

I'm really excited now that we have some guests for NoBrandCon 2 (Tiffany Grant and Doug Smith). The con was coming together fine before this, mind you - but now we know that we'll have the additional draw of guests to bring in more people... And more people means more fun - which is good.

Also found out that Clairemont Comics may have been spreading lies about the Convention - saying how they were a vendor last year, and that they made no profit. Also, from what I hear, they claimed to have tried to set up a Magic tourney, which they say no one came to.

Well, since they weren't even at NoBrandCon last year (and as Floor Manager, I should know), it just gets me riled up. And Titan Games, a GREAT retailer if anyone's interested, did run a very successful Magic Tournament last year as well. In fact, I know that all of our vendors had a good time last year.

But I have to make sure Clairemont Comics is actually saying these things - and that it's not just a twisted rumor. If they are saying this stuff... we may have a lawsuit.

Grrr. I mean, we gave them every courtesy last year, inviting them as a vendor - and giving them a priority if they wanted it. And now we get this. Geh.

Some people need to grow up.
- Traegorn

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