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Interviewed by Trae December 28, 2006 - 3:24:10
1. Does it hurt to be British?- Only when I find out how much Christopher Paolini makes from 'writing.'

2. If you had a hammer, would you hammer just in the morning?- I would hammer all day, every day.

3. Is it true that if John Barrowman showed up at your door and offered to take you away from all of this, you'd accept?- Depends, are we talking Torchwood-John Barrowman, 9th Doctor-John Barrowman or John Barrowman the Actor?

4. Have you ever gotten in trouble for attempting to construct a giantic rube-goldberg device designed to kill your boss?- No, but he hasn't found it yet. It's hidden quite well.

5. No, really, I mean, does it hurt to be British?- It hursts a little less than it would hurt if I was Trae Dorn.

- newtypeUK
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Karma Challenge? Oh, you mean THIS Karma Challenge! September 4, 2006 - 11:39:56
Taken at Brighton Station, Brighton


- newtypeUK
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First Entry Blues May 21, 2006 - 5:23:24
Well, I'm really too tired to write anything substantial for my first post. Yesterday, I worked for ten hours straight, then I watched Doctor Who (which was a really, really good episode in my opinion.) afterwards, I brought some bottles of Guiness and went to my friend Simon's where we proceeded to drink them. At 11:30, he walked me back as far as Preston Park (it's an hours walk between his house and mine and Preston Park is closer to my house than his) while I was giving him a varied discourse on Cyberman history and why going to the pub with the Doctor would be classified as a dangerous thing. Got back home 12:30 and reached a state of pure, meditative unconciousness maybe 1:30, I can't remember.

Things I learnt Last Night

1: Two bottles of Guinuess makes me slightly tipsy. On Tuesday, I discovered that a Pint of Guinuess, a Coke and Southern Comfort mix and not eating for nearly seven hours has the same effect.

2- Guinuess also impairs... other things.

3- Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest with the Band Lordi- a Rock/Metal band where the band dress up as Monsters... Who says Europe sucks at Music?

More later, maybe next time, it'll be something worth reading.

- newtypeUK
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