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Spring Karma Contest (lg images) April 4, 2007 - 11:41:07
Here's some photos taken last spring that I really think give that "in bloom" feel, don't you? I'm quite partial to the yellow coneflowers with the lone bee. Other shots are of our 4 flowing Bradford Pear Trees that line our double lot. Enjoy!

The pear tree ones are really big, so click for a larger image in new window.

- Kellin
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Get Your Mac On November 21, 2006 - 11:16:05
I am in love with Adobe Pages. It is such an easy to use and intuitive program, not to mention that you can export as .doc or .pdf! I really like the tab at the side that lets you do all the modification, as opposed to some hotkeys acros the top and alot of other things in menu bars.

I seriously can't wait to get my Mac. I'll probably be getting the black 13" Macbook as opposed to the 15" Pro. It's very unlikely that I'll be doing any gaming on my notebook, and it's quite a big price difference for an extra 2" and a nice video card.

There's currently only one Mac Store here in WI, and the 2nd one will be opening next monday. It's actuallly right here on campus at UWM, and will include a Genius Bar and all the other goodies that they normally have.

- Kellin
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November Challenge: Turkey November 3, 2006 - 18:13:11
Worst Hand Turkey EVER.

- Cap'n Kellin
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For the Challenge October 9, 2006 - 10:13:54
All the goths want to be just like him, idolize him, and wear overpriced Hot Topic chotchke with his visage emblazened upon it.

...well, almost all of them. I should also mention that Nightmare Before Christmas is going to be in Theaters again soon. It's in 3D! Craziness! I wonder how many tacky goths will be there?

- Cap'n Kellin
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Skin of My Teeth September 13, 2006 - 18:04:15
So I went to go take my PPST today. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it's the test that all would-be educators must take to see if you have the general/high school level skills necessary to be in a teaching position.

The test was all computerized, and in 3 parts: reading, mathematics, and writing. It ended up being almost 5 hours long. My writing portion was an actual essay, and that has to be hand-read & analyzed. I got the scores from the other two portions right away, though:

My reading was 183, which is pretty good. I don't know the whole scale, but I believe the questions are apr 4 points apeice. The passing score was around 170, so I did pretty good there. With the math portion, though, was one point above the required. Whew!

But, hey, I passed! I've never been all that good at factor problems and the like, so no surprise there. Hooray for passing!

- Cap'n Kellin
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1 Down, 15 To Go September 10, 2006 - 18:44:06
So the first week of my Junior Year of College went pretty well, despite the fact that I've been going to college since 2000/2001. :fail: Here's some highlights: I have Theatre History (Athenian to Modern), Stage Directing, Play Analysis, and Theatre in Elementary Edu. Hm...I wonder what kind of degree would need those kind of classes? :o The Elementary Methods course is really fun. It's basically a bunch of different games and things. It's not teaching, it's playtime! I have a pretty funky schedule for classes. I'm used to being in class from early in the morning until about 2 or 3, Mon-Fri. This semester I have no class on Wed or Fri, and I'm pretty much there until 7 or 9 in the evening on Mon, Tue, and Thur. I then work all day on the weekends. It's going to take some getting used to... My better half found out she's Costume Shop Manager for the first performance of the season at UWM: "Einstein's Dreams". It sound really good, and I'm looking forward to it! We went to the All Theatre Meeting on Friday, followed by the Picnic in the Park. I tried to play Volleyball, and the once chance to serve I hit it with my wrist instead of my palm, so it just shot straight up. Again, :fail: . Because of Labor Day, my Play Analysis and Stage Directing classes start this monday (tomorrow). Fun! Tomorrow's going to be a long day; I'll get to school around 9am and get home around 10pm. Gah! In other news, I'm taking my PPST (pre-professional skills test needed for teachers) on Wednesday, and I'll be getting fitted for braces in a week or three.
- Cap'n Kellin
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Last Minute Karma Challenge September 8, 2006 - 20:49:50
So here's my entry. I didn't think long or hard about it, it was just more or less random (hence the content). It was getting dark so I had to adjust the levels a bit.

- Cap'n Kellin
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Doing Better August 3, 2006 - 20:05:49
Thanks to everyone who commented on my last entry about being sick.

Turns out that, yes, I do have an ulcer. The Prilosec OTC has definitely been helping. I have to be careful about what I eat, but I'm good otherwise.

In other good news, now that I'm 24 I can be technically considered an 'independant student'. I love how it takes you until 6 years after you graduate High School. Anywho, all of my financial aid is going off of my own poor ass, and so I'm getting about $3000 a semester. I also got a private loan to cover what that doesn't.

Hooray for being able to afford to go to college this semester!

- Cap'n Kellin
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Falling Apart July 29, 2006 - 18:15:28
I'm falling apart at the seams...Not only do I have arthritis in my left hand at only friggin' TWENTY FOUR, I'm pretty much totally bald on the top, am over 50 pounds overweight, and have a strong ADD/ECD problem, but now I have THIS to worry about, too...

THE PROBLEM : I'm pretty sure I found the cause of my 'panic/anxiety attack' issue that continually rears it's ugly head. Putting together the peices of the puzzle, I believe this is what has been happening to me:

-some sort of GI Tract issue, such as ulcer, acid reflux, etc, causes extreme pain and pressure in my chest (right about at the bottom of my sternum). per my doctor, all of the nerves in that area are connected, so it feels like I'm having a heart attack. it doesn't go away; the longest lasting of this being nearly 7 hours. i was up until about 5 in the morning in constant pain the other night.

-because it's related to digestion, it makes my lower back pinch up really bad, too. then I try all kinds of stretches to fix it, which only makes me more anxious.

-as if the pressure and sharp pain in my chest and back weren't enough, I can't calm down about it. the situation activates my mental 'flight mechanism', which makes a panic/anxiety attack happen. so there i am, lying in bed, feeling like I'm about to die. tylenol doesn't help, ibuprofen doesn't either. my anti-anxiety meds won't help because of the chest pain.

...and this happened 2 nights in a row.

THE SOLUTION (?) : So I went to the doctor (hooray on campus medical center!), and they were the ones who said it's most likely a GI Tract issue. Here's what they prescribed:

-take Prilosec OTC once a day for acid control
-keep Gaviscon antacid with me just in case
-drink lots of water
-no more high fat/acid food. that means no more harsh sodas, no more chocolate, no more fast food
-don't eat ANYTHING 3-4 hours before lying down for bed. that means dinner is at 7pm at the latest and no late night snacks.

IN CONCLUSION : I never, NEVER want to feel that pain again, so I'm going to strictly follow this. I've been drinking 8 cups of water a day for the past few days, and if ever I'm at work and don't have food, subway is cheap and much healthier. I'm really going to miss fast food and everything like that, but I suppose it is for the better. I'd never get healthy unless I'd be forced to...and, well, you can definitely say I've been forced to.

Wish me luck.

- Cap'n Kellin
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