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July 12, 2006 - 11:58:20
- Kid
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July 7, 2006 - 1:23:00
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- Kid
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New times... July 1, 2006 - 2:02:20
Still sick.

Still running.

Still Campainging.

But finally....standing with both feet.

Si vous aimez quelque chose, il permet d'allez. ..and vous savez le repos.  Mon cheri, Je vous relāche.

- Kid
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Call for HELP! June 29, 2006 - 10:57:10
I'm sick again.  I have a sore throat and I'm pretty dizzy. 
Now...I get to be at work and then drive back to Eau Claire for a 2 1/2 hour class! 
To add on to that....I need volunteers!  Seriously..I need a lot of volunteers!  All the activists and the "big supporters" of my candidate are sitting on heir thumbs when it comes to getting out and doing work.  This is aggrivating b/c they'll give money but we need ehlp with acctually getting out and going door to door. 

In fact....that is the deal I'm purposing.  I will pay for you gas/transportation up here and back if you can get here Saturday morning to help with doing doors for the weekend.  I can put you up in my apartment on the spare bed and you won't have to pay for food.  I only need you to do doors on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.  Additionally, I can also promise a good time out on the town Saturday night.  That's the deal I'm desperate for volunteers and so I'm sending out this call for help. 
Please respond.....*whimper*....

- Kid
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Weirdness... June 18, 2006 - 17:38:52
So, I'm sitting here with Derek at Panera Bread and Derek is eating my crusts from my french bread. I just find it funny that I am doing what I do while sitting outside looking for the mall/city.
It's really been time of weirdness.
I went out to do karoke with Dani, Derek, Nicole, and bunch of their other friends on Thursday night. However, I was exhausted but went out anyway. Big mistake.
I was so sick on Friday. In all honesty, my body just shut down from being so busy and exhausted. Then to find out it's been going around Stan has been sick Dani was sick and at least one other person will get sick soon. So, on Friday I ended up puking my guts out until 2pm when I finally fell asleep.
I'm doing etter now but ti just reminds me that I need to take better care of myself. Yes, I am taking care of a candidates future but that doesn't mean I can't take care of myself. I ended up throwing up so hard I burst a blood vessel under my eye and now it looks like I have a cute little mole.
Aside from that...
I got 18 roses in the mail.
Wednesday I got a call from a FedEx guy saying..." I have a package for you so where do yo uant me to put it?" and I asked him to ring the apartment manager and give it to her and I'll pick it up later. I get a ring 10 minutes later from teh FedEX guy saying..."There's no one there where do you want me to put it now?" and I told im to ring the old apartment manager. Ten minutes later "...There's no one there". SHIT! What now, and by this time I was standing outside my classroom and so I just told him come to Hibbard 310 and he said..."Great! I have packages to drop off there anyway". So an hour later I get 18 red roses delivered to me in the middle of class. Don't ask me who sent them. They were a house warming gift.
Also, what was also weird happened yesturday. The Time Warner Cable people were in my building and when they stopped by to see me I talked with them for a while (because I want internet) they said..."Where are you from? You're from no where around here." And so I wondered, why do you say that? "It's your accent, you have a really weird accent". I havn't gotten the accent comments in a very long time. That's just weird.
Anyway, that's what has been going on lately.
Remember everyone is invited to the house warming party this coming Saturday at 7pm. Email me or pm me for directions!

- Kid
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June 13, 2006 - 17:51:56
Finally!  My mother is headed off to Bolivia on Saturday!  She's starting some research with several grad student in Bolivia. 
I am unbelievablely jealous!  I WANNA GO TO BOLIVIA! 
However, on the upside I got to go to the Dems state convention this weekend and that was a bunch of running around in heels and suits and shmoozing beyond belief! 
Now for super good news!!!   I HAVE MOVED INTO MY APARTMENT!  YEAH! 
I have a lake front apartment with my patio opening up 5 feet from the lake shore.
I am paying 200/month for a 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath and full kitechen apartment.  I have practically stolen the apartment from the woman I subleased from. 
However, the second subleaser backed out and I ended up getting the entire place to myself with not extra rent. 
Anyway, I am very happy about that and I am going to bring my kayak up and stash it at my apartment so I can go kayaking regularly. 
So, I am going to have a house warming party and everyone is invited! 

- Kid
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yup... June 13, 2006 - 12:16:06
Maintenant, Je sais que je n'étais pas la personne qui fucked-up dans notre idylle.
- Kid
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songs June 7, 2006 - 16:59:23
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- Kid
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Busy Busy Busy June 7, 2006 - 16:45:58
So I had a busy weekend.
Thursday the alternator on my car blew out so I was stuck in Menomonie at my parents house waiting...for something...anything. Fleet Farm then called back and said they wouldn't be able to get a part for atleast two weeks. Mind you I communte abour 40 min. every day and I have to drive around the county for meetings. TWO WEEKS!
Additionally, I had to get down to Madison Friday morning for a weekend long training session with Progressive Majority.
So it was a good of mine to the recuse. His parents had an extra car in Eau Claire and they needed to get it down to their home which was on the way to Madison. So I got to use their car for the weekend.
But the fun doesn't stop there....
You see the training session would go from 9am - 8pm with working lunches. Then on Saturday I had to get to a wedding. So I drive up to Tomah on Saturday night and drive back down to Madison Sunday morning and then after the training session on Sunday I drive back to Tomah drop the car off pile my "closet" from the friends car into another car for the drive back to Eau Claire.
Then I have to find a car to use for the week etc...
Then my parents to the recuse. They managed to borrow a van from a friend of our family's and so I got to use my parents van...the bill silver bullet. So Monday morning I got pile my closet into another car.
Why am I moving my closet between 4 different cars...well because I'm couch surfing b/c I don't get to move into my apartment until the 9th. BUT .... (yes another but)...I have the Democratic state convention on the 9th and 10th. So I don't get to move into my apartment until the 11th.
Yee haw..... shit.
Additionally, I fucked up my back salsa dancing in Madison and dancing at the wedding and from sleeping on couches.
I have an interesting time with my work but I'm enjoying it right now.
Also...I get to farm sit again this weekend! A friend of my family's dad had heart surgery so they have to go take care of them. That means they need me to go to their sheep farm and sit it until Monday! YEAH! That's fun stuff because I get to play with lambs, dogs, cows, and chickens. Tee hee.
Anyway, I'll catch ya'll later.

- Kid
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