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Make the 2010 World Cup Spirit Linger with Online Football Manager Games November 18, 2010 - 14:55:18
There's no denying the FIFA 2010 World Cup is a great opportunity to get the most from the beautiful game. Alas it can't happen every year. And the truth is, the FIFA 2010 World Cup only comes once in a lifetime! This is just about OK for the average fans, even so, it isn't nearly sufficient for deeply entrenched footy fanatics who hunger for the exhilaration of soccer games. They require top level playing --- constantly.

The FIFA 2010 world cup is one of the most important football competitions around, and now you can take part. In cyberspace at any rate. By choosing an online football management game, you can get your soccer fix anytime, what is more you can adapt it to fit in in around your family's needs. When you play soccer management games, you have the option to put together a terrific team, coach them, play home or away matches, and be responsible for a world beating team. Have the thrill of seeing your squad climb up in the rankings, win international matches and the right to brag to your challengers. Online soccer gaming also gets rid of the down-side of old fashioned console soccer games. Well designed games don't just give you the excitement of making the make-or-break decisions for your team, but you get outstanding true-to-life game play. What a fantastic way to meet fellow fans from pretty much anywhere on earth. The best multiplayer football manager games let you take part without incurring any costs whatsoever.

Nervous about missing out on the essential events? Top football manager games have a real time calendar to keep track of what is going on throughout the online gaming world. With a simple UI you can make note of what appeals to you with just a couple of easy mouse clicks. With a little commitment you'll be climbing up the leader boards! Instead of wasting time until this year's World Cup, play football manager online and see what it really feels like. To top it all off, you don't even need an afternoon off work. Test one of these fantastic football manager games with confidence! You'll wonder what you ever did with your spare time before they came along.

- mrknowitall
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Bad Credit Auto Loans November 17, 2010 - 22:46:35
If you need a new car or truck, you probably want to get something reliable. If you do not have a lot of cash lying around, this means spending money that you are going to have to borrow from someone. Financing is the most common way that people get cars and trucks, but not everyone has good enough credit to get the financing that they need. There are some bad credit auto loans out there, but be sure you understand what you are getting into so you can find the best deal for your financial situation.

One thing to understand about bad credit auto loans is that you generally pay a much higher interest rate than you would if you have passable or good credit. The reason for this is that you have a past of not paying debts in a timely manner, for whatever reason, and someone who is going to give you money for your car loan knows this. They are worried that you may not want to pay this one back either, so they need to make more money off of a risk. That is why the interest rate is much higher. You have to factor this in to the total cost of your loan.

Not every institution out there will hand out bad credit auto loans. In fact, you may have a hard time finding a bank that will do this for you. Instead, you may have to find an auto dealership that specializes in finding loans for those with less than perfect credit. There are independent dealers that make these loans on their own, and some have access to banks that are willing to make these risky loans because they can earn more from it. Most areas have at least one dealership that offers such a program, so ask around.

If you secure a loan, there are a few things to consider that may be different than a traditional loan through your personal bank. Other than the higher interest rate on bad credit auto loans, the penalties for large payments may be very stiff. Some can tack on as much as fifty dollars or more if you are even one day late with your payment. Loans like this have a way of going out of control very quickly and you could end up in default very quickly without the means to catch up on the loan in a realistic manner.

You are also in danger of losing your car to repossession much more quickly if you get bad credit auto loans. You will not have as much time to make up a missed payment as you would otherwise. It may sound like these are hard to deal with as they are, but they can help those that have the money, but simply don't have the credit. Just make sure you are more than able to pay back the debt so you don't run into trouble and accept you are paying more than you should have to otherwise. It can also be a way to rebuild credit too, so keep that in mind.

- mrknowitall
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Are Even the Best Running Shoes any Good Really? November 17, 2010 - 22:45:25
There was a report in the New York Times a couple of months ago that completely upended world of high-end athletic shoes. Basically, what the report found was that, everything that the high-end manufacturers of the best running shoes claim for motion control shoes, stability shoes, neutral shoes, all mean practically nothing. The study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine was clear. The whole area of conventional wisdom that recommends that you need to build a certain kind of shoe for a certain kind of a running style and foot has been completely debunked. They found that if you just went in and randomly bought a pair of shoes with no heed paid to what the expert shoe store salesman recommended for your kind of feet, you would probably run a lower risk of injury.

It all began with the US military that tried to see if getting the best running shoes for their recruits accurately chosen by an expert for foot type, would help at all. Once they had fitted many recruits with all the high-end shoes and invested a lot of money in the process, they begin to wonder if the high-end shoes were really provably helping prevent leg injury. They looked to see what studies there were in this area, and found that there were none. Of course it is hard to imagine that all these high-end shoe companies that claim to use all this research and science in their footwear haven't done one study to make sure that any of their high-end technology actually works. But there it is.

So, the military began research of its own, and these were published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. The studies basically found out that no matter what the high-end experts recommended injuries remained high. As a matter of fact, they found that recruits that got the right kind of high-tech shoes have even more injuries. Athletes who have been investing top dollar in the best running shoes all around the world may have been doing all of it for no reason. There has been another study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that has analyzed dozens of marathon running women that has found more or less the same. They found that motion control shoes were the worst of all. The people who run with their feet toed out too far (the overpronators) that these shoes are designed for, do not benefit from them. There was no kind of runner that actually benefited from them.

If you are planning on investing good money in the best running shoes there are, you have to be completely certain of one thing - according to the US military, the belief that people with fallen arches will benefit from motion control shoes and people with high arches will benefit from well-cushioned neutral shoes has been completely debunked. These shoes are worthless. Not that they don't do what they promise. They do change your gaite as they promise they will. It's just that there is no science that says that you do need to correct gait. No one knows why you should. That finding should be your counsel.

- mrknowitall
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Martial Arts Weapons for Training and Competition May 30, 2010 - 20:52:57
If you are involved in a full contact sport like Karate or Tae Kwon Do, it won't be long before you need to buy martial arts weapons and gear for practices and competitions. To compete at a high level, you'll need to spend hours at the dojo learning all the right moves, as well as proper gear that will give you a competitive edge while keeping you safe. You can find a wide variety of these products online -- often at much better prices than you would get at local sporting goods stores.

Most online retailers carry a vast selection of martial arts weapons for uses in all disciplines and levels of sport and competition. For example, you can find a bunch of different swords for sparring, and a complete collection of safety equipment to go along with them. These pieces range all the way from beginner's supplies to those used by black belts who are true masters of their craft. There are even soft foam swords designed to give novice combatants a chance to get used to handling the blades.

Another top seller in this category is eskrima sticks, which are used in competition and to train participants in self-defense techniques. You can find a whole host of eskrima sticks and similar types of martial arts weapons in a variety of styles and materials at online stores. These sticks are generally crafted from a type of hardwood, like Brazilian cherry or maple, but you can also find some foam versions for beginners in the discipline. Many of these sticks are crafted in beautiful colors and designs that allow you to add your own personal flair and distinctive look while competing.

Since many martial arts weapons are designed with self-defense in mind, it is important to shop for items that are safe enough to use during the learning phase and for practice sessions. The safest martial arts weapons are generally made from foam or rubber, and include the swords and eskrima sticks mentioned above, as well as nunchucks, practice guns, and training scythes. These items will allow you to learn your discipline safely and effectively at the beginning before moving on to professional grade tools.

It's not all just about the martial arts weapons for these sports, however. Other accessories like clothing, shoes, and protective gear are a necessary part of the picture as well, and you can find all of these additional supplies at the same specialty websites. So the next time you need to stock up on martial arts weapons and gear, shopping online is definitely your best bet!

- mrknowitall
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An Introduction to Aikido May 30, 2010 - 20:52:02
There's no mistaken the fact that Aikido is one of the best and most popular martial art in the United States today. The art of Aikido is best associated with actor Steven Seagal, who made it even more popular with his movies. Aikido is rich and history in tradition, an art that originally started in Japan back in the 1940s.

Aikido's founder, Morihei Ueshiba, was born on December 14, 1883. As he was growing up in modern Japan, Ueshiba witnessed the local thugs vandalize his father. The young boy decided that he would make himself strong in order to seek revenge against the thugs. Ueshiba was strong willed, and devoted every waking moment to physical training and martial arts.

He received a lot of certificates in jujitsu, spear fighting, and fencing. Even though he was very impressive with his abilities, he found himself not happy with his skills. He knew that there was more to it, and began to look into religion, hoping that he would find a greater significance with life - pursuing martial arts all the while.

Ueshiba founded the martial art of Aikido by combining both his religious beliefs and his training in martial arts. At that time, the style was known as aikibudo, it wasn't until 1942 that he decided to go with the name Aikido. The style was quite different indeed, incorporating several different styles of jujitsu, aiki-jujitsu, and spear and sword fighting techniques as well.

Even though a lot of us think of Aikido as the ultimate martial art, it is an art that is based on religion and harmony. Aikido uses joint locks, weight manipulation, and throws to achieve it's purpose. The martial art is very effective, which were the intentions of Ueshiba from the start. Aikido consists of many techniques, and it is the result of Ueshiba's creative innovation.

Aside from what many think, there really is no unified belief or philosophy in the martial art of Aikido. While Aikido is indeed rich in heritage and religion, it believes in harmony and peace of the spirit. By achieving a higher spiritual power, Ueshiba has always believed that the human body is capable of anything. Even though he wanted revenge, he still stated that Aikido wasn't about fighting, but rather a way to reconcile with the world and make every human being on giant family.

Over the years, Aikido was introduced in America with amazing results. Steven Seagal is by far the most popular, showing the world the power and harmony of Aikido through his many movies. There are a lot of martial arts dojo's around North America that offer Aikido to study, possibly even some in your area. Not only will Aikido teach you self defense, but it will also teach you harmony of the spirit and how to find inner peace as well.

- mrknowitall
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The Greatest American Rock Bands of All Time May 5, 2010 - 19:49:42
Most of the greatest American rock bands of all time were to be found in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, though that may be too limiting for a complete listing. Great American rock music began in the 50s with Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, and Chuck Berry. Rockers like Richie Valens and Jerry Lee Lewis grew from the ripe musical spawning ground of southern blues music. Great blues artists such as Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf are many times mentioned by these rock artists as their heroes and an inspiration to them for starting their careers.

When the 60s began, Elvis ruled the airwaves until the Beatles arrived from England and took the U.S. by storm. Although the media dubbed it the “British Invasion” there were still plenty of great American rock artists at the same time such as the Beach Boys, the Animals, Buffalo Springfield, and many others.

The late 60s brought us such great American rock stars as Janis Joplin, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Canned Heat, Mountain, Jim Morrison and the Doors, and many others.

There were always great concerts to go to, especially in the big cities and on both coasts. San Francisco had the Fillmore West with the world’s greatest rock promoter Bill Graham, who eventually brought over all the greatest rock bands not only from the U.S. but from all over the world. Los Angeles had smaller venues such as the Whiskey-a-Go-Go where bands like the Doors got their start.

Later on other fantastic American rock acts such as Lynrd Skynrd, The Eagles, America, the Allman Brothers, and the Doobie Brothers would come on the scene and shake up the world with their string of hit songs.

In the 90s came the rise of bands like the Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, the Beastie Boys, R.E.M. and many others. The late 90s brought us the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Today’s music scene features many up and coming and fully established American rock bands such as Kings of Leon, Interpol, Pearl Jam (still rocking), Green Day, Counting Crows, and Weezer. Also mixing it up are the Silversun Pickups, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Dandy Warhols, Spoon, and the Foo Fighters featuring Dave Grohl formerly of Nirvana fame.

Many years ago the Los Angeles Times announced boldly that “Rock Is Dead” but it is still going strong. As long as there are rebellious American teenagers willing to steal daddy’s car and go for a joyride there will be American rock bands. Americans love their rock music like they love their football or their Harley Davidsons. Just go to any local bar or nightclub on any given weekend and you will see that American rock bands are alive and well and rocking the house from sea to shining sea.

- mrknowitall
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Night Shift Jobs May 5, 2010 - 19:48:32
I’ve never been a morning person. Even after I brought two children into the world and found myself up at almost any hour imaginable, I still dreaded mornings. My husband and I are not made of money. Once the daycare prices started to skyrocket, we knew that we’d have to find another method of surviving and making ends meet. After much conversation, we decided that one of us was going to need to start looking into some night shift jobs and the other would continue to work during the daytime. This new plan would save us the hassle of trying to pay for daycare on a full-time basis. It seemed to only make sense that I be with the children during the day and be the one to look into finding some night shift jobs since I wasn’t too fond of being at work so early in the morning.

I wasn’t sure what kind of opportunities I’d even be able to find once I started to search for night shift jobs. I usually thought of night shift jobs as being cleaning people for offices, security guards or working in a factory. Once I started my quest to find a night shift job, I was surprised at how much was actually available in other careers. I quickly realized that hospitals never close. They operate twenty-four hours a day. There were lots of night shift jobs available in the medical field. Answering services for doctor’s offices are always on duty as well. I looked into both of those possibilities but I truly wasn’t interested in either field. I couldn’t see myself being a security guard or working in a factory. Though I must say, some night shift jobs in factories were offering a pretty decent salary.

After a few weeks, I found a job at a newspaper. I would be working from 7:00 until 3:00 in the morning. I had never even considered the fact that a daily newspaper office very rarely closes its doors. After I had taken the time to look around and see how many places actually do offer night shift jobs, our lives became a bit less chaotic. We had more money to survive. Sure, our marriage was tested and we didn’t get to spend as much time together as we would have liked to have, but the need for survival took over. If you find yourself in the same predicament and searching for night shift jobs – simply open your eyes. Perhaps an employment agency could help you find a job. Or, you can take the time to look around and notice how many stores, companies and facilities are actually open twenty-four hours a day. With the world focusing on becoming more convenient for everyone, more and more places are focusing on being available for customers at any hour of the day. Finding a night shift job has become quite a bit easier.

- mrknowitall
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A Helpful Guide To Finding The Best Calendar Girls Theatre Breaks Online May 5, 2010 - 14:36:30
Are you thinking about taking a theatre break to watch the West End performance of Calendar Girls? Fortunately you can procure cheap theatre packages on the World Wide Web straight from the leisure of your PC or iPhone.

Calendars Girls was modified as a musical show from the massively-successful and highly-regarded film of the same name. Opening in two-thousand and eight at the Chichester theatre, the theatre production then moved to the Noel Coward Theatre in in the Capital and stars big names such as Arabella Weir, Kelly Brook, Janie Dee, Debbie Chazen, Helen Lederer, and Jam Leeming in the leading roles.

It is a wise idea to use one of the popular search engines to discover theatre sites that provide London theatre breaks. You can look for "london show" or "hotel and theatre breaks" to uncover theatre sites that sell theatre packages only for the Calendar Girls show.

It is crucial that you look around and compare the various theatre websites instead of just using the first page that is presented on the search engine result pages (SERPs). The cost of the theatre package is of course a main factor but you should always check to see what is added as part of the package. Uncover the best London theatre trips online.

A great number of theatre sites will allow you to acquire your theatre breaks totally online. However, make sure that the site is well-known and is not a fly-by-night outlet before making any type of purchase. Try talking to family, friends and other people whose opinions you regard highly if they have used the service at all. Ask their views on how things went during their experience. Did the theatre break live up to the publicity, or were there many of things absent in the service? Check the internet site's privacy policy in order to ensure that they have bonds to financially guarantee their London theatre deals.

When you are ready to buy, you should be taken to a secure page. You can tell when a website is protected by the inclusion of a padlock icon in your internet browser's window bar.

Calendar Girls is an inspirational narrative of an everyday Yorkshire lady who tries to make an impact in the world by raising money for Leukemia research. This means that they pose for a nude calendar as part of their fundraising campaign in this entertaining and uplifting story.

Luckily, through the use of the World Wide Web you can easily find and purchase the best London theatre breaks right from your personal computer.

- mrknowitall
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Portable Navigators Help You Find your Way May 4, 2010 - 12:30:07
I spend a lot of time driving in unfamiliar areas, and I don't always feel comfortable getting out of my car at night to ask for directions. That's why a portable navigator is the perfect device for me. It can help me get back on the right road without ever having to leave the warmth and safety of my car. With my handy instrument on my dash, I can easily figure out where I'm going and the best way to get to my destination.

Portable navigators have become a really hot item in recent years, as the technology has become even more precise and the devices themselves have become smaller and more convenient to carry. When I began shopping for mine, I went straight to the online stores that offer these types of electronics, and I found a huge selection of them at very reasonable prices.

In addition to being cheaper, today's portable navigators are a whole lot easier to use than the contraptions of the past. You don't have to deal with the hassle of downloading maps from your computer any longer. Simply take your device out of the box and turn it on. Okay, it may be a tad more complicated than that -- but not much.

- mrknowitall
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