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Thoughts on commuting June 23, 2010 - 11:18:08
Having joined the ranks of vehicle owners, I feel it necessary to put some further thought into just how I get around town and to the other places I want to go.

Point number one: work.  This is perhaps the most important, as I make the round trip five times a week (occasionally more).  I don't think it's necessary to drive to work, period.  It's only five blocks.  In the summer that's a ten-minute walk, and in the winter that's less time than I'd spend scraping ice off my car.  I would only drive this in a cold rain.  This mileage should be negligible.

Point number two: shopping.  I can pick up small items by going half a block out of my way on the trip home from work.  Large items do warrant a trip to Target, but this should not happen more than two or three times a month.  This should come out to 20 miles or so each month.

Point number three: recreation.  I suppose that this is how I will make primary use of my car.  Assuming two trips to Madison each month, and maybe a visit to St. Paul each month as well, I'll be putting nearly nine hundred miles on each month.

Totaled up, this equals right around one thousand miles per month, which is the EPA estimated average.  More on this once I figure out the exact fuel economy of the vehicle.

- The Russian
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This space for rent. May 28, 2009 - 0:07:18
I'm not going to make a habit of updating this blog.  But I do have some news that I'd like to share.  As of Sunday, I'll be living BY MYSELF.  That's right, I won't have to share a fridge, or a bathroom, or anything else.  I will, however, miss being able to walk into the Dew Room and have some company whenever I feel like it.  But I'll be just a short walk away, so maybe the Zombie Haus inhabitants will have to deal with me anyway.

- The Russian
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I guess I'm under the weather... August 7, 2008 - 2:09:22
Some days are just plain weird.

This one, more so than others.  I mean, forget the fact that I'm turning twenty-two.  That's pretty mundane if you think about it, it was going to happen eventually.

The slap in the face I received today at work was just the beginning (I have to train someone for a promotion I was trying for).  I'm getting scared of what might happen tomorrow, after hearing out two different people on two entirely different subjects.

And in my mind, it all goes back to 4am on Saturday.  Answering the question posed to me may have changed everything.  I wish I could go back and give the answer I really wanted to give.

- The Russian
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Is this thing on? March 9, 2008 - 0:43:00
Marscon came and went.  Drunk men hit on me and a crazy lady tried to destroy our room party, but besides that it was pretty righteous.  NoBrand is looking a lot closer this side of Marscon, though.  Better make sure I've got all my shit together.

In other news, my life is uninteresting, save when other people do interesting things.  My best friend from high school just got a Pentax K1000.  It's a very pretty camera.  Suffice it to say that I wish I had one, so that the six rolls of film sitting in my fridge might not feel so very very lonely.

It is entirely possible that I will not go home for Easter.  That sucks.

- The Russian
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