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Hier Bin Ich May 10, 2007 - 1:36:26
I lied. I really don't speak any German at all, but I guess it'd be neat if I did. For those who do speak German, well good for you. I hope you're happy. By the way, what does "Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit" mean? There's a bar in Minneapolis on University Ave. that I drive by everyday called that. It looks really interesting, someday I wish to go in there with some sort of high socks on and those things that germans wear... and then I'll look like a total idiot because everyone in there will be wearing some sort of Scottish garb. I don't know why.
I think learning German is the same thing as learning Klingon. How sweet is that. I know some Klingon.

"hab soslij' Qech!!!"

Which means, "Your mother has a flat forehead!" It was really amusing saying that to a drunk Klingon cosplayer at CONvergence last year, but he was slurred in speech and probably didn't know where he was, so that's all dandy and biscuits.

Did I mention I'd have sex with Matthew Bellamy's(vocalist of Muse) voice? It's too bad he's not much of a looker. I wonder if he has wits.

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- Julie
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