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tumblred December 14, 2012 - 10:07:52
So since Facebook decided it hated outside blog sources, I got a different job, and discovered tumblr I have sadly neglected this place. Oddly it is now back to being exactly why I started posting here. No one but a select few I feel are a bit more understanding will see it. Admittedly my preferred browser is chrome which hates the advanced features so this is being typed in the simple version but whatever.
- calvsie
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Ten moments in Naruto that didn't suck December 1, 2011 - 0:38:55
Yep you read that right. I have seen a lot naruto and I hate some parts and, I have to admit, love others. Strangely most of these do not feature naruto himself go figure. so here are ten of these moments.

1. Drunk Lee
Dubbed as loopy in the american version you had to be pretty daft to believe lee was anything other than drunk in the ensuing fight. It lead to some of the most hilarious fighting you will see in the serious.

2 Puppet masters battle
This fight is epic! an old lady and a young woman fighting a young man mostly with the worlds most awesome puppets. This fight scene is what lead me into giving Shippuden a try after having been disappointed with most of the first series. A classic fight of one-up-manship the timing felt awesome even when we ended up getting back story in the middle.

3. Lee vs Gaara
Lee is such a fun character because he is like naruto in that he excels at one thing at the start of series. This is the fight that showed what naruto could do as a series. Lee was the under dog and we were rooting him the whole way. I also like the fact this battle doesn't end well for him, he gives it his all and barely touches Gaara. Not sure why I like this fact.

4. Naruto explains why he is fighting
Naruto annoys me. He is whiny glory seeking knuckle head, but even he has a few moments that stand out. This one is his first moment where I thought his character could grow into something more. He is fighting Neji and by all rights Neji is winning. Neji demands to know why Naruto won't give up and he delivers the line that made me like him, " Because somebody told me I was a failure! I'll prove them wrong!" I like underdog stories and Naruto is a person who is handed nothing and still he persist onward, occasionally at plots convenience.  

5. Choji's ultimate attack
This remains one of the high points of the original series for me. Choji has shown no aptitude up till this point and even I have to admit this fight has a bit of deus ex machina about it and is part of the oh so over used one leaves the party so the others may advance. inspite of all this Choji manages to   show himself to be an awesome character. It darn near kills him but he manages to be a badass with butterfly wings. I also almost wish they had let him die here. his being saved felt even more plot convenience than the fact he had ultimate attack pills.

6. Haku
They should have started with Haku. I understand they wanted to give us some back story before it happened but by the time we got to him I was about ready to give up. Haku is an awesome example of the driving force behind Naruto. Trained to be a killer, what makes you more than just another weapon in the arsenal? I also like the fact that Haku should have won but didn't want to. Haku was just an awesome character concept and it was sad to seem him exit so quick.

7.Third Hokage's funeral
Isn't it odd how many of my favorite scenes are sad? The third Hokage's funeral is everything that is right with the series. The defenders of the city are suppose to be emotionless and its only the very young or in private that we see tears. I really don't know entirely why I Iike this scene but what ever I like it.

8. The opening and closing music
I love so many of the opening closing montages and their music these are all so well done with only a few exception. 

Guy is a tribute to Bruce Lee. He also happens to be comic relief and has no real worl fashion sense. I like that.

10.Asuma's Death
I didn't see this coming. I didn't think they would kill a heavily involved support character. I was convinced they were going to save him as they had earlier characters but no this death sticks. It also is one of the few times we see his protege pushed to act emotionally instead of intellectually. I wish the whole series had the level of emotion that Asuma's death and subsequent avenging had.

- calvsie
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10 Planned Ten Things List November 25, 2011 - 1:19:42
So yeah I'm rather fond of my bizarre list of ten things and I've gotten positive feed back on them in past So I'm going to try and do at least one a week. to start things of I thought I would go ahead and list ten list of ten things I've had banging around in my head waiting to be put down on paper. Also please note these are not top ten list they are merely ten I happen to like at the moment.
1. Ten epic Speeches
Yeah I'm a sucker for epic speeches in film. The odds are stacked against the hero but he rouses his men to carry on or some other rubbish thing. This one was actrually typed up once but was lost during a  computer crash and so I know most of what I'd like to include and mostly just need to retype it up.

2. Ten Calvsisms
I am infamous in certain circles for saying things that don't come out quite right I may not feel like explaining what is wrong with these statements I always get a chuckle out of them.

3. Ten Quotes attributed to real people
I may have to change this ones title It is not the same thing as my ten epic speeches. The type of quotes I have in mind are more morose and insightful.

4. Ten things to dip fries in that are not ketchup
Need I explain it more?

5. Ten problems with final fantasy XII
This is the current game I'm playing it is far from the worst but it certainly has its flaws.

6. Ten of the my favorite video game moments
We all have them, those moments that are engraved in your head where everything came together into something awesome. These are mine.

7. Ten of my Favorite TV show characters 
These are the characters I wish I could meet or stand out in my head for some reason some may be surprising other not so much.

8. Ten (insert type of movie) movies I recommend
I've had a number of these in my head and they all kinda started as my top ten favorite movies, but I realized that list was more or less impossible for me to decide on so here I will be dividing my favorite movies up and recommending them with out necessarily putting them in an absolute order.

9. Ten kids tv shows I still like
Yeah I like a few kids tv shows, and I intend to let it be known publicly.

10. Ten of my hobbies
I have a tendency to pick up hobbies with out putting them down meaning I have far more hobbies than time. What sort of hobbies well you shall see.
RGS out.... 

- calvsie
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Bachelor Cooking: Roasted chicken and blueberry lemon ice tea June 9, 2011 - 15:39:11
Well this is the last official bachelor cooking you will se from me likely as after Saturday I am no longer a bachelor and will need a new title.
Also this will be my first duel  recipe entry! Go Calvsie!

Roasted chicken
2-3 Boneless skinless chicken breast - frozen
Worcestershire sauce or lime juice (depends on flavor you are going for both work I've been meaning to try lemon juice)
any other seasons you want to throw on it

Preheat oven to 425
Take a cake pan and lay a sheet of aluminum foil in it so that if forms a sort of bowl inside the cake pan
Arrange 2 - 3 piece of chicken on the foil
Apply  your liquid of choice (Worcestershire sauce, lime, whatever just so long as its a liquid it seems to work)
Season the chicken with garlic and sage to taste feel free to add or subtract seasonings
Cover the top of the cake pan with aluminum foil
Pop in the oven for 45 minutes check it and continue cooking till its thoroughly cooked

Man this is a vague recipe. oh well on to part two.

Blueberry Lemon Ice Tea
Three blueberry tea packets
One Lemon
1/4 cup blueberries
one 2 quart pitcher

Boil 3/4 quart of water
Cover the bottom of the pitcher with honey add more if you want sweeter tea
Rinse and add the blueberries to the pitcher
Rinse off the lemon
Chop of both ends of the lemon
Spiral cut the lemon and add it to the pitcher
Remove the strings from the tea bags and throw them in the pitcher
Add the hot water
let stand for 10 minutes
Fill the remained of the pitcher and then place it in the fridge till chilled or over night
Serve over ice
My pitcher has a good strainer on it but if you lack one feel free to remove the tea bags before pouring

This has been Bachelor cooking.

RGS out...

- calvsie
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Fictional Life 2011 April 13, 2011 - 23:21:03
Yeah I've been doing a lousy job at posting but oh well.
Episode one has been on you tube for a while now but I kind of forgot to make note of it.

So yeah last month was our church conference. I attended this a taste of it.

- calvsie
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Kyron's Story Part 1 March 24, 2011 - 17:33:50
Kyron - Creation, Expansion, and Deletion
Kyronís first appearance was in a game put out by a company called Epic Mega Games (They would eventually go onto release Unreal). Being that this was a game engine that used ASCII characters for graphics Kyron was the same as 99 percent of protagonist for games made with ZZT, the smiley. This means he received little to no physical description until later, but what was established was his fighting style (one primary sword which could drain an opponent of energy and a second more powerful that could only be used for a limited time) and his back story.
The game was much more grandiose in scope than execution. The two sword system only worked in boss fights otherwise you were stuck with the first sword, Phillio. The game was clunky, linear to the extreme, dialogue heavy, and boring. I also am not a very good artist especially when you have to work with small rectangular blocks to make the art. So it looks like something vomited on the screen. As a game I think it fails miserably, on a play through for this document I found myself constantly wondering why I made various features the way I did. So the only good thing about it was the story and characters. After this I began to assemble the story of Kyron into a much bigger universe known as Kuwnearth. I established Kyron was still a half breed but now instead of an alien race and humans he was a cross breed of Carv (The defender class of Kuwnearth) and Immortal (The chronicler or historian class) more on these later.
The final thought on the whole thing is man what was I on at the time?
A project originally conceived by a small group on the BZPower forums would be the next appearance of Kyron. This would be where he gained a physical description and a bit of fleshing out.
The project was suppose to take non-Bionicle characters we had and then in a round robin writting style weave them into a Lego Bionicle  fan fiction. I was eighth of ten people involved and saddly we got to part 3 and it fell apart. So my character hadnít even been introduced. I had it moslty written and it became the basis for the much bigger project, the ďBooks of EnderĒ.
The plot of the project involved a warrior from each of our own fictional universes being drawn into the bionicle realm by some power. They arrive to find the Toa missing and the island deserted except for shadowy ghost. The plot from their was up to what we wrote. The second chapter of ďBook of EnderĒ is almost a word for word replica of my intro for the project. So in the end the project failed, but it allowed me to flesh out a rather flat character.

    Book of Ender
The Book of Ender was ambitious. It took into account and gave a brief over view of the plot from the game while fleshing it out, then used the intro piece for the project as a spring board to become its own entity, and in the end became a very strange piece that allowed me to develop what has to be one of the more unique and complicated powers in Bionicle fan fics, Ender.
What follows is a chapter break down of the book.
  1. Kyron: Brothers blade, Fathers Blade

A brief tale of the basic events from the game with modification to make it fit the world it now resided in.
  1. Summons

While visiting the temple of Carv, Kyron finds himself unsure what he should be doing when an acolyte mentions something weird in  the catacoms. He goes to investigate and is rather violently  dragged out of his own universe.
  1. Mask

Kyron wakes up to find himself in a jungle and witnesses a huge creature terrorising a smaller one. He is confused because they are all made of metal. He proceeds to kick the bigger creatures butt until he has to take a blow to protect the smaller creature. his hand falls on a mask activates it and he transforms. now his swords wonít function and he gets trashed.
  1. Toa rebuilt

A one armed and badly damaged Tahu shows up and accidentally reveals Kyrons power of Ender transforming Tahu  allowing him to drive back the big creature.
  1. Hiding

Tahu adjust to his new form while kyron does likewise the take the matoran (smaller creature) and much plot exposition happens in a cave. Kyron rebuilds Lewa and Gali, but the three Toa note that their forms are completely wrong (Gali has been turned into a wheeled creature)
  1. The sword breaks

Kyron forces the power of phillio and pateras to activate through sheer forcve of will but pays a terrible price when phillio is shattered. On the plus side the Daemonís Krana like mask is cracked causing him to transform into a simple matoran.
  1. Toa Reborn

Kyron goes all emo and moppy. He begins fiddling with the Enderís orb, accidentally restoring the Toa to their true form.
  1. Ender rising

Kyron mentally enters the Enderís orb. He begins to realize his power is not what he thought it was. This is interspersed with the real world where the Toa Valiantly try to protect Kyron while he is absent his body.
  1. Ender control

The Toa are pinned down and Daemon delivers Kyronís body and the Enderís orb to Makuta. The island is transformed as Makuta wields the Enderís orb and Kyronís mental journey takes a dark turn. The World around him begisn to crumble as he cronfornts the entire truth of the power of Ender.
  1. Daemon

Kyron returns to his body and restores the Phillio by the power of Ender. Makuta still holds the orb but has no idea what it truely is. Kyron frees the Toa and reveals he cannot defeat the Daemon but that the Toa can with his help. The Toa are transformed into new powerful forms dubbed Endall Forms.
  1. Enderís end

The Toa defeat the Daemon. Makuta retaliates and for a time the Toa seem an even match untill Makuta reveals his joker.
  1. Enderís orb

Makuta has figured out the Enders orb and brutally retaliates against the Toa. Destroying Pohatu, Kopaka sacrifices himself to save Lewa and Gali, and Tahu has his brain crystal cracked. Kyron realizes what must be done and enters the fray.
  1. A final blow

Kyron Destroys the Enderís orb causing his powers to go beserk transforming himself into a half flesh half metal being. Both of his swords are at full power  and Makuta is beaten to a pulp but still escapes.
  1. Fall out

With out the Enderís orb to absorb the excess feedback power. Kyron is permanetly changed by his use of the power. Even his new understanding of Ender can bring back Pohatu and Kopaka, but he does heal Tahu. The matoran formerly the Daemon shows where the other turaga and matoran had been hidden. Kyron does not reveal all that the over use has caused.
  1. Home

Kyron says good bye to the four remaining Toa. Then he is sent home by the mask of summons.
  1. Epilouge

Kyron converses with his father and brother. The Acolyte from the start of the book shows up and ask if Kyron is all right. Kyrons ask if he is a good scibe and if he would take down a written account. When asked what to label the account he simply says ďThe Book of EnderĒ

    The Second Book of Ender
  1. Gods

A look and explanation (or what I thought them at any rate) of gods in my universes and how they are all tied together. Included gods are Jehovah, Kuwnearth, Mata-nui, and Impact.
  1. Devils

A look and explanation (or what I thought them at any rate) of evil in my universes and how they are all tied together. Included evil beings are Satan, Immortal, and Makuta.
  1. The Universes

A look and explination (or what I thought them at any rate) of guniverses and how they are all tied together. Included universes are Immortal/mortals impact, our world, Bionicle, and Kuwnearth.
  1. Conversations

This is messed up. It disturbs me, makes me laugh, and tend to run in circular logic. It is entirely in the form of conversation between the entities in the book. I think this may be the first place I explain my concept of a mortals impact vs an immortals impact. Here is a small piece:
Satan: So I see we now allow near deities in our circle of conversation
Kuwnearth: Near deity? by which you mena me?
Impact: Yes, being as he has created a universe even if it is only a time anomaly.
Immortal: oh yes the impact does love his mortals, those doomed fools...
Impact: you make fun of them, but I still maintain my belief, ďWhere I being mortal have one thing you can never give, you of the undying breed, I can give my life. This is the Impact of a mortal, A mortals impact!Ē
Yeah, I was nuts. Also who exactly was impact quoting? I donít remember or never knew so I guess it will remain a mystery.

    Book of Ender 3
  1. Catching up

Kyron has a 16 year old daughter. explaisn some fighting that happened between book 1 and book 2. Kyron conditions and powers explained. No mention made of a wife, or who the heck the mother of his daughter is though.
  1. Daughter

Kyronís Daughter is finally named, Kymali. She longs to get out from under her fathers control and is frequently in trouble
  1. Power inherited

A chance encounter with a woman in a field, causes Kymali to use the power of ender only to a bad end. She Returns home and Kyron sense what has happened.
  1. Twins

Kyronís house is assaulted by two pure blood Immortals. They are identical twins except one is female and the other male. Kyron has trouble handling both because of their powers and gives up the father blade to her and the both of them manage to take down the woman.
  1. Singles

The Male seems unfazed by the death of his sister. He further confounds Kyron as he uses more of their mysterious powers. Eventually Kymali manages to  pin him down and is about to deliever the blow when the Sister shows up completely unharmed.
  1. Blanks

An emissary of the Immortals arrives causing the Twins to flee. It is revealed that the twins are worshipers of the god Immortal aka the corrupter of chroniclers. The Immortals are trying to regain their position with impact by returning to the chroniclers. The Twins are related to Kyronís deceased mother. and as they have a genetic link they seek to get their hands on  the power of Ender having read about it in the Book of Ender.
  1. His blade

The Father daughter gear up although Kyron still seems reluctant for Kymali to learn to much about her powers. The Twins Confront them in the temple for transporting between the layers of Kuwnearth.
  1. Her blade

Kyron is taken captive along with both blades. In the temple Kymaliís hand happens to touch a sword of her great grandmother on kyronís dadís side of the family and she  doesnít like the Chronicler blood in Kymali, but agrees to lend her fighting power to regain the swords at least if not Kyron.
  1. Their Blade

She catches them as they manage to draw out the power of ender. They battle through several temples. Kyron is freed. The Father daughter come to terms with his worries for hsi daughter and her desire to follow in his footsteps. Drawing upon all three blades simultaneously even as the twins use the power of Ender against them they create a single mental blade.
  1. Daemon rising

The power of the Daemon is drawn out of Kyron in spite of their efforts, both twins are destroyed but due to thier blanks they will be back.
  1. Out of Control

The new Daemon infused Twins reek havoce across the nine layers of Kuwnearth with Kyron and Kymali in persuit.
  1. Mask again

Kyron is mortally wounded and he uses the metal of his body to create a mask which he gives to his daughter telling her he will be fine and to take all three swords. She does so reluctantly.
  1. God hath wrought

The Twins have made it to the core and Kymali has followed. They encounter the creator their world, Kuwnearth. The Daemon is no match for the power he weilds which he calls Mortals Impact.
  1. Ender ficiton

The Twins fight back by drawing out Kymaliís latent Ender powers unfortuanetly driving her deep into a sureal world inside her own head.
  1. Ender Truth

Kymaliís journey with in her own head has brought her to the edge of oblivion here every one she has encountered argues for and against the destruction of Kuwnearth.  
  1. Ender ends

Turnign the power of Ender in on itself she begins to bring about the end of Ender inside her own mind. The twins have brutally ravaged Kuwnearth both as a person and as a planet. The seven layers are cracked and inyhabitants from all are witness as they begin crucifying Kuwnearth. Kymali Awakens and reveals she has destroyed Ender and it is no more in this universe. using the mask her father gave her she turns metal and though she is badly beaten she destroys the twins, Declaring that this is the purpose of the Carv to protect Kuwnearth.
  1. From here

The mask falls from her face, the three sword fall from her hands, and she beholds the hundreds of bodies the twins have thrown against her to no avail. she goes to kuwnearth and helps him down. She notices him bleeding and questions him but he does not answer merely smiles. she is transported back the the layer of Carv where she finds Kyron lived but will never wield a sword again. She ask if he has any power of Ender he says, ďNo, The Books of Ender have written their final chapter. We are once again merely swords men and women in service to the Kuwnearth defenders of his mortals impact.Ē

Break Down
It needs to be said Kyron became something else to me during a bad period of my life. It put and end to his story due to the fact I stopped running stories in my head for a while and when it came back I found myself more focused on Dicrea, a different character from the BZRPG.

That end part one of this look at Kyron This section was intended to explain the lay out and concepts and where various ideas come from. Next time I will explain His back story in detail so be prepared for exposition also I will try to explain his racial, Toa and other powers that have been touched on during the Saga of Kyron. 

- calvsie
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Squashing of America VI - Clean version November 10, 2010 - 16:45:01

So back last month at a certain point a freaking huge crowd of people left a certain gaming event and went to water street. much produce was found amongst them. (including a disgusting bag of rotten potatoes *GLARE*).
Armed with cameras and produce we set out. I had made the mistake of dressing as waldo. I tried to act ignorant of this fact when people pointed it out.
At any rate we shot some footage, most that I got was unusable for a clean version (thanks Travis).
and this is what I ended up with.

This year was chaos due to the fact there were to many people, so we ended up splintering, and then splintering again.
I ended up with a group consisting of Alisha, Knexus, and a rotating group of other people.
There were other groups including one that I dubbed the Anti-squashers because they clearly didn't understand the point of the nights events and didn't want me filming them giving away the produce.(*GLARE*)
After my smaller group got going it was a lot of fun inspite of all the problems we had.
RGS out...


- calvsie
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Sound Tech vs DJ November 8, 2010 - 17:12:38

I am a sound technician. Iím mostly self trained, but give me a situation where you need a sound system setup and to sound good I can handle it easily.
I am not a DJ. I lack that certain something that is required to know the precise timing of when to play what kind of songs, and keep people entertained and dancing.

The difference seems glaringly obvious to me, but I am observing from within. So in my opinion the difference between a sound tech and a dj is this:
A DJ is there to keep people entertained, a sound tech is there to run equipment. Most DJs are sound techs, but not all sound techs are DJs.

Now comes the tricky part, trying to get people to understand which one they want at their function.
If you want someone to adjust audio levels, play a little background music, and otherwise be invisible you can survive with a sound tech.
On the other hand if you want someone to create a lively atmosphere, initiate events, and keep a party going you want a DJ.

Example 1: A church service:
responsibilities:  Adjust audio levels while people speak, create a recording, and maintain equipment.
You want a sound tech

Example2: A Halloween party:
responsibilities: Play a blend of music, keep the energy level in the room up, and be a bit of a personality that keeps the party flowing.
You want a DJ

If you find yourself at an event where the person doesnít seem to have control over what music is played when, has no music library to select from,
and really has no system for request or special events or dances, chances are he is a sound tech not a DJ. In an emergency he can step in
and try to fill the role of a DJ, but please understand he lacks several things required to host an event as though he were a DJ.

Also an IPod is never a substitution for a DJ. Sure you may have great taste in music, but can your Ipod read a crowd
and know when to start playing faster dances songs to really get the crowd moving or even the opposite, know when to slow things down.

Now I am happy to do sound if you come to me through the proper channels, but I am not a DJ. I can fake it pretty well if I have the
right equipment (oh I donít know two laptops, a good internet connection, and a list of the precise songs of Iím looking to play).
This being said it is very hard when people come up expecting a DJ not realizing the guy by the sound system is just a sound tech.

RGS outÖ

- calvsie
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A yearly breaking point November 3, 2010 - 20:42:59
I have reached it or at least am coming darn near close. Why this happens I am not sure, but I have a tendency to have a lot of pent up stress and exhaustion around this time every year.
It is a bout this time that I would pull one of my infamous vanishing acts where none of my friends would see my for a month or two, usually ending mid December.
For the first time in my life  though I find my self torn between vanishing and being with some one.  A desire to be with her and take her in my arms and never let go.  On the other hand I just want to curl up into a ball and pretend the world doesn't exist.
This duality is the most bizarre contradiction of being Calvsie. It may seem a strange statement but being Calvsie is not easy.
All around me are people at work and school that seem to think that the world around them requires me to be "Normal", Normality is something I strive against daily.
Being normal means giving up on being me. This is why I love Alisha, she doesn't mind and better yet agrees with me on the pursuit of insanity.
So while I may feel on the verge of breaking and giving up on this world I no longer have to search hard for the reason why I shouldn't, and cannot.


- calvsie
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