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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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So Ryan Kopf is Suing Me.
Posted Jan 5, 2016 - 15:35:47

So we do a lot of stuff at Nerd & Tie. We're starting a new convention, produce a podcast, just launched a new show, run panels at conventions, maintain a geek news blog, and provide in-depth coverage about conventions. That last one is a particular point of pride for us, as we do our best to dig for stories most other convention news blogs avoid or don't take time to investigate. Most of that coverage starts with reader tips sent to us via our contact form or email address. LC CEO Ryan Kopf has apparently taken issue with our coverage of some of his events though, and last week I was served a petition at my home. Ryan Kopf is suing me for defamation in the state of Iowa.

The case (CVCV295431) is specifically about the following two articles:Now, I don't want to discuss details, but I still stand by what I wrote - as do Nick and Pher (who co-own Nerd & Tie with me). I have secured legal counsel, and intend to fight.

But this isn't going to be cheap for me.

Because of this, I'm launching a GoFundMe campaign to try and cover my legal costs. If you can contribute, please do - as we aren't exactly a big operation at Nerd & Tie, and can only continue with the help of people like you.

Wish us luck... and, y'know, help out if you can.
- Traegorn

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I reitterate man - Ryan the Accusor.
Loud, accusing, blue balled bastard with a banhammer and army of mindless minions, who no one likes.
"I heard Tonya Harding is calling herself the Charles Barkley of figure skating. I was going to sue her for defamation of character, but then I realized I have no character."—Former NBA star Charles Barkley
Check how much he's asking for. If it's over the threshold, you can get the federal district court to take jurisdiction and then it's much easier to at least have the venue transferred to federal district court in your area.

* Not legal advice in so far as 1) there's no lawyer client relationship and I wouldn't agree to it, 2) this is all public discussion, 3) I'm not licensed in either state to practice law.

All that said- free advice. Take it for what it's worth

Trae Dorn
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