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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Five Years.
Posted June 19, 2015 - 11:01:33

Five years ago today, I stood in a chapel in a park in Washington County, WI. Five years ago today, Crysta walked down the aisle. Five years ago today, she became my wife.

Five years. Five amazing years.

Right now she's carrying a totebag on the other side of the living room, with no idea that I'm writing about her right now. She just smiled at me and put it down. Crysta is packing things in the bag. She hasn't eaten breakfast yet.

She should eat breakfast.

We're getting ready to go spend the weekend on a lake in Northern Indiana near the Michigan border in celebration of these five years (wow, five years). One of our favorite things to do is sit on a lake and do nothing, so that's what we're going to do.

Hopefully the weather will be nice.

So here's to the most wonderful woman I've ever known, and the fact that she continues to put up with my fat, lazy ass sitting on the couch right now is amazing. I just told her I was writing a blog entry about her.

She smiled at me.

Life is pretty awesome some days.

(Mandatory plug: Next weekend I'll be at Oz Con in West Plains, MO - and you should come too)
- Traegorn

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Trae; on behalf of my wife & I we would like to extend our personal congratulations to you & Crys. Our blessings & prayers that you have many many more years, my friend ( we have 33 years under our belts )

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