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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Creating a fake Anime Series... or three...
Posted Sep 29, 2014 - 12:10:23

So last Thursday's UnCONventional mentioned the fictional anime series "Magic Soldier Princess Z." I like to use fake shows instead of real ones in the comic because, frankly, it keeps the comic from being dated. But rather than make up a "current" show in this case, I actually decided to make up an "old" one for the comic... because part of the dialogue referred to the series as out of print.

Most importantly though, when I invent a series, I don't just throw together a name. The previously referenced "Wage Project" we've seen in the comic has a character roster, story arc, and even a few character designs.

While Magic Soldier Princess Z doesn't have any artwork yet, I had a history for the series fleshed out before the comic went live. A history that involved two other anime series, and an import history loosely based on Robotech and a few other early American Anime imports. So since I had rough outlines for these three anime series and the American Gestalt it was transformed into, I thought I'd share them with you this week in a series of posts.

(Since we started discussing it in the comment section of the comic, beyond my original notes, I've decided to incorporate suggestions from readers.)

So here we go with the first one.

Magic Soldier Princess Z, produced in the late 1970s, is set in the "future" year of 1992. Earth has been under attack for three years by an alien race known as "The Hush." The United Nations has formed the "Earth Defense Task Force," but have taken heavy casualties and are barely keeping the aliens at bay.

Meanwhile in Japan, Yoshiko Yumeno, an average-but-clumsy 16 year old girl, wanders into a cave near her grandparent's house where she discovers a mysterious green orb. When she picks it up, she has a brief vision of an ancient kingdom... but at that moment The Hush attack, bombing the area just above the caves.

As the walls cave in, Yoshiko (somehow) activates the orb causing her transformation into Magic Soldier Princess Z. As Magic Soldier Princess Z she wears a "cute" mechanized armor suit, and destroys the attacking Hush ship.

Yoshiko then joins the Earth Defense Task Force's Unit 4, led by Yoshiko's love interest Tanaka. Throughout the series, Yoshiko discovers she's the reincarnation of "Princess Z," leader of an ancient race that once protected Earth. The series ran just 13 episodes.

- Traegorn

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So who voices Yoshiko in the dubs?
Sasha Parch in the Victory Sunstar release.

We'll cover the Soldiers of the Sun version in a few days.
Is this going to be a bonus in the next UnCONventional book?
The text I'm writing in these posts will probably be. I may include some concept art as well.

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