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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Interiors of The Black Rose
Posted May 6, 2014 - 9:32:18

Interiors of The Black Rose

In creating a world for The Chronicles of Crosarth, I've been forced to think about how different circumstances of a nation influence the designs of the airships that represent them. Crosarthian airships, for example, are usually utilitarian but sleek. They are meant to be elegant looking ships, but still basic and streamlined. You can see that reflected in the interiors of the Hummingbird as well - furniture is basic and bolted down and most of the ship is plain, unadorned metal.

 The Black Rose, air pirate Samantha Von Taeliac's flagship, is an entirely different beast. Originally an airship designed by the now long fallen Pavanussian government, it has to reflect the values that its now usurped monarchs would have valued. It also has to reflect any changes made by it's current owner as well. Because of that, light fixtures and furniture on board are unnecessarily ornate. Where the Hummingbird has nothing that isn't needed, The Black Rose has (likely useless) wood paneling. The Black Rose sports two observation decks - useless tactically, but would have been employed by Pavanussian Royalty while using the ship to travel.

Those observation decks though are currently bare - the ornate furniture which would have originally furnished them stripped away... as, again, its air pirate owners have no use for it.

The Black Rose was built to impress people, likely slightly more so than to be an effective weapon, and that's what I put into every angle of it that I can.
- Traegorn

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