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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Post That Never Dies.
Posted Apr 9, 2014 - 9:48:29

The Post That Never Dies.So last July I wrote a blog entry in this space about a particular figure in the Midwest convention scene. I won't say who in this post because it's pretty easy to figure out and I don't feel like influencing Google any more than I have to at the moment.

This post is one of those "never goes away" posts, where someone new discovers it every once in a while. These last few days it's gotten a three digit boost in Facebook likes for pete's sake. I get contacted about it relatively frequently as well.

I get emails about how brave I am. I get emails about how awful I am. I get told that I'm going too far, and I get told that I'm not going far enough.

I get told that I'm part of an orchestrated smear campaign trying to destroy someone... and maybe conquer southern Minnesota? Maybe? Some of this stuff doesn't make sense to me.

I'm really careful when I write things about people. I never put anything on the record that I can't prove, but that doesn't mean that I don't believe some of the stories I couldn't back up with evidence. I consider myself a good judge of character, and I know who I can trust or who I can't trust.

Truth RobotBut when I write things I feel an obligation to only cover what I think can be verified. Which is why when some bozo calls me "ill informed" it bothers me -- accusing me of not having done my research is about the most offensive thing you can say to me.

And I'm not kidding that there are people who say I'm part of some weird conspiracy out to get this dude. For the record, I wrote something because I think he's a terrible human being. No one asked me to write anything, and while I've been contacted by people who don't like him since writing my original article (as mentioned above), I'm not coordinating with any of these people or taking any action.

We might make fun of him sometimes in private, but we make fun of Michael Bay in private too -- it doesn't mean we're out to get him.

Frankly, I wrote a couple blog posts, and that's it. It's like the least amount of action I could take and still live in good conscience knowing this person is out there in our community.

Get over it.
- Traegorn

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...Wow. That...Trae, I am profoundly sorry you have to deal with this level of unabashed stupid, and commend you for always responding with a remarkable level of class. You are a better man than I.
I do my best.

Trae Dorn
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