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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Thoughts on The Movement
Posted Apr 2, 2014 - 13:18:02

Thoughts on The Movement

I don't do a lot of fan art, but after reading today's issue of Gail Simone's The Movement (#11) I had a weird desire to draw Burden, one of the comic's cast members.

Issue number 11 is the second to last in the comic's run (the series will end with issue 12), and it makes me kind of sad. The Movement has been a rather unique comic, and is solely responsible for my getting back into superhero comics at all. I'd kind of given up ten years ago, after having read the same story again and again. I know there was good stuff out there even then, but it was such a pain to try and find it... I kind of gave up.

That and I outgrew Wolverine and his ilk.

What I love about The Movement is that it takes the overdone trope of a morally gray world and puts a feeling of hope into it. Yes, Coral City is cesspool of corruption, but the heroes themselves still have hope. Vengeance Moth doesn't stare into the blackness forlornly saying "I am the night!"

She offers you a fruit snack.

Even the character with the darkest countenance, Burden, starts issue #11 mostly feeling guilty because he's happy. To contrast, Batman never feels guilty for being happy, mostly because Batman is never happy.

Which is why seeing this book go away makes me sad. Of course, the very reasons I love it so much are what makes it different from the vast majority of comics... and those differences are why it hasn't sold as well.

Which is really too bad.
- Traegorn

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