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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Back from Daisho Con
Posted Nov 25, 2013 - 11:08:52

My only Daisho Con photo

Crysta and I rolled back into Lafayette last night around 10:30, exhausted from a pretty damned fun Daisho Con up in the Wisconsin Dells. I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was for us this year, and how nice it was to see so many friends (even if it was just for a short amount of time in some cases). I want to thank everyone who came to my panels and stopped by my table. I enjoyed meeting every single one of you.

The episode of the Nerd & Tie podcast we recorded live at Daisho Con is now up and available to be listened to. We won't be doing another live episode until the spring, which is kind of sad, but getting Pher, Nick and myself all in the same city can be kind of difficult.

Speaking of Pher and Nick, I had a ton of fun appearing on Otaku Tonight with ProfessorPher. They'll eventually put the recording of that episode online, and it's amazing. Don't watch it for my interview -- watch it for some damned funny comedy performed by the two guys I suckered into being in a podcast with me. Also, Lucky Yates and Amber Nash of FX's Archer appear - so yeah. When that goes up, watch the crap out of it.

I don't have many stories to share (that I don't plan on saving for UnCONventional), so I guess that's my con experience for you. Events like this are both exciting and exhausting, so upon getting home Crysta and I climbed into bed... and then watched the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special.

Which was not what I expected, yet still incredibly awesome.

Like "holy crap" awesome.

Ah well, back to real life...
- Traegorn

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The Haysworth pillow is Awesome. Gen made something really really Awesome. Her art is definitely awesome but those pillows are epic.
I forgot to add. If I were to make a popular webcomic, would that mean I could get on Otaku Tonite as well? (rhetorical question)
You'd have to ask Otaku Tonight.

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