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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The UnCONventional cast re-imagined
Posted Sep 30, 2013 - 9:14:09

UnCONventional reimagined
Megan and LynnVeronica and Max
Scrappy and RuthMaggie and Awesome Roy

So this weekend I had a random impulse to draw some of the UnCONventional cast members in a more realistic style than the stick figures I normally depict them as.

Why? Because I saw some terrible artwork I put online of them from early 2010, and felt I needed to do a better job. To be clear, when I started drawing UnCONventional I actually had stopped regularly doing any artwork for about four years. It's why the comic started as stick figures frankly. Since then though I've been regularly producing art (including the much more challenging Crosarth comic).

Now for this I went just slightly more realistic than I draw The Chronicles of Crosarth, but not by very much. I happen to like the way they turned out - and it may surprise some people how I picture some of these characters in my head.

Inevitably someone is going to ask me "will you switch to drawing UnCONventional in a more realistic style," and to that I say a firm no. Part of the reason the stick figures work so well is because while these may be the official looks for the characters, by presenting them in the abstract normally it allows the reader to see themselves in the characters more.

Or at least that's what I say to justify my continued laziness.
- Traegorn

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I love how Maggie is holding an NES Zapper.

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