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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Local Drive In Comparison Extravaganza!
Posted Sep 9, 2013 - 15:30:43

MELS at the Starlite
Lake Shore Drive In

So those of you who read my blog regularly are fully aware that I have a love of going to see movies at drive in theaters. Normally Crysta and I head up to The Lake Shore Drive-In up in Monticello, IN. It's a pretty awesome place and we have a pretty good time there. When I tell you that during the summer we go there a lot, you need to understand we go there a lot. Like almost every weekend.

Needless to say, we're big fans of Lake Shore Drive In.

Sadly though they closed for the season after Labor Day weekend, which meant we can't go back until the spring. Looking for something to do on a Saturday night then, Crysta noticed that MELS at the Starlite Drive-In just outside Thorntown was still open.

We'd never been down to MELS (MEL'S? Mel's? Whatever) even though it's pretty close to us. Honestly, it's about the same drive to MELS as it is to Lake Shore for us (we live pretty much smack dab in the middle), and the only reason we tried Lake Shore first was because we stumbled across it before we'd learned about MELS.

So, since Lake Shore was closed, off to MELS we went on Saturday.

MELS is, honestly, a little more basic than what we're used to, but maybe we're just spoiled by Lake Shore. The grounds were well kept, but the old polls seemed to point any direction except straight up. Concessions were decent, and I have no complaints there. The owners were behind the counter at the concession stand, and they were... well, at best I'd say they were polite.

(I get hyper critical of customer service, so please understand that was a generally favorable review.)

The movie started a little later than we're used to, but it's because MELS is still using a non-digital projector (which isn't as bright). They're currently trying to raise money for a digital projector, but they haven't been successful yet. That's unfortunate, as next year Digital will be required to show anything first run - putting the future of this drive-in (and many others) in jeopardy.

Overall we had a pretty good time, and I'd recommend the place to anyone nearby. That said, it just wasn't quite up to Lake Shore's snuff - and since all things are equal travelwise for us, that's likely where we'll keep our business.

Plus, Lake Shore has really good blue cotton candy...

...oh yeah, and it's my birthday today. Huzzah.
- Traegorn

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I love the pictures. The Lake Shore Drive In is at the end of the rainbow whereas the sun is setting at MELS. (And that is sad. I don't even live there and I wish I had money to help them with their problem.)
Well Trae as long as Mel's is still open for the season you should give them the business because maybe your business will put them in the right track for getting a digital projector. I know you alone can't make that feat but your business with them will possibly help. Just a thought.
I gave a few dollars to the projector fund and may contribute more. MELS is only open for one more weekend this season, and it's a "50s Night" where they're showing Grease... which is a film I kind of hate -- so I likely won't be going.

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