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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Con Prepping.
Posted Mar 21, 2013 - 10:11:47

 Normally I have at least a month between conventions, so while the preparation usually takes me time, it's not a huge challenge. But since I decided to do both Anomaly Con and No Brand Con (which are only two weeks apart), I find myself having to take more than the usual amount of time to get ready.

Convention prepping doesn't just mean I have to get books, prints and any other promotional items together - it also means making sure things run smoothly while I'm gone.

Usually on my webcomics I don't keep that much of a buffer. I write far ahead of what's currently produced, but sometimes there's only a couple strips queued up. With travel though, I have to assume I won't have the ability to upload new installments. Normally this means just doing double the work, but with two cons so close to each other it means three to four weeks are needed.

Stocking up on materials for two cons at once (including one I've never done before) is also daunting. I publish my books print-on-demand, so I only keep a small stock on hand for conventions. I literally have no idea how various things will sell at Anomaly Con, so I'm having to guess to make sure I have enough materials for No Brand Con too. With the conventions so close together, I may not be able to restock between events on some items... I guess if you really want something particular at No Brand Con, you should tell me ahead of time so I can save it? Yeah.

I'm trying out a new product - buttons - at cons this spring. If they sell well, I'll keep making them. If they don't sell well, I won't. It's super complicated, I know.

So yeah, that's my current stress and push. Is it worth the weeks of prep for just a few days of fun?

Yes. Yes it is.

Don't ask dumb questions.
- Traegorn

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Well could you at least keep a Chapter 3 UnConventional on hand so I can buy it at No Brand Con this year?

That's really it.
I will make sure there's a copy set aside for you

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