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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Snowed In.
Posted Mar 6, 2013 - 9:19:14


It's been a fairly mild winter here in Indiana. Well, I guess mild from the perspective of someone who lived most of his life in Wisconsin, and spent over ten years in the northern half of the state.

So when we got hit with snow last night, I had a mixed reaction. On the one hand the piles of snow remind me of home. On the other hand, OH MY GOD I HATE DIGGING MY CAR OUT.

Besides my own twenty minutes clearing the white stuff off of my vehicle, the roads were no picnic. The state of Indiana does not spend as much on snow removal, so the roads are mediocre to terrible. Also, no one in Indiana knows how to drive in snow. If you are from Wisconsin or Minnesota, I'm sure you think everyone forgets how to drive on the first snowfall. Well, imagine a world where those poor drivers are the best people on the road.

It's just kind of sad.

But I digress. Now that I've dropped Crysta off for the day, I'm back in my home office - and I don't have to go back on the roads until tomorrow.

Let's hope some of this stuff melts...
- Traegorn

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