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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Con Schedule Updates!
Posted Jan 9, 2013 - 9:32:13

CIMG0360.jpgWell, almost last minute it seems. I know it's only two and a half weeks away, but I'm happy to add another con to my schedule. On January 26th I'll be up in my home town of Milwaukee for Nezumi Con at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. It's a small, one day convention - but I think it will be a lot of fun. Admission is only $5, so if you're in the area, you should definitely come on down. I'll have copies of the first three The Chronicles of Crosarth books for sale along with the first two chapters of UnCONventional. Sorry about not having book three of UnCONventional ready, but it's only January -- I know it will be on sale by Spring though.

And I know it's a few more months out, but I want to remind people that I'm a guest at Anomaly Con (March 29-31) this year in Denver, CO. I don't get out to that part of the country that often, so I'm excited. It's a pretty cool looking Steampunk convention, and I thoroughly encourage everyone and anyone to attend.

Because I'll be there.

And I'm quite awesome.

The question before me right now is whether or not I should add any more cons to the schedule than what I have planned now. I know I haven't made any announcements about the fall, but it's pretty safe to assume I'll be doing about three cons around then.

The real question is whether I should do any this summer?

I've traditionally taken the summers off from conventions. I do some other non-convention travel then, and I figured it was easier if I just wasn't running around willy nilly trying to gets books printed and sleeping in hotel rooms. This means there's a huge gap in my calendar though - from the last spring con I do in April until September there's just nothing.

Should I change that? Should I try to do more shows?

I'm honestly not sure.
- Traegorn

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Stop by if you need a place to stay. Pater Familius will be in Anaheim.
Assuming that comment was who I think ot was from, I was planningon calling you this weekend about it. ;)

I guess with him in Anaheim, y'all aren't going to Trivia this year then
The actual question is "Why not Zoidberg?"
I know you traditionally take the Summer off, but you know, maybe you could go to one in the Summer just to fill the gap between cons. Just my thought although I usually take the summer off too.
well phoenix comic con is may 23-27
Kyan22 - that's a little out of my radius (as I'm in Indiana). I only travel that far for a con if I'm a guest.
My vote is that you go to a con out East - DC or Baltimore perhaps - and visit your nephew :) - Jennifer
aw okay, i will have to campaign to have you as a guest. you ever go to cons in ohio?
I've considered doing shows in Ohio, but the timing has to work out . Right now I don't have any plans to do so.

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