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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Trae Predicts 2013!
Posted Jan 2, 2013 - 13:28:54

So I used to get all self reflective this time of year. I'd talk about self improvement, how my life was going to turn out, and what I thought the year would bring. Eventually I figured out though that I like my current life, so I'm not looking to initiate any actual change myself right now... so what's there to write about? The only life changing stuff that could happen right now is the unpredictable stuff outside of my control, and I can't really write predictions about that.

That led me to think though, what can I predict?

So I sat down and wrote my personal predictions for 2013. I've broken it down by topic, and hopefully I'll be at least mostly correct when I check this in a year.

So here we go...

Trae's Predictions for 2013
The World - There will be additional conflict somewhere in the world. If the United States gets involved, they will be criticized for interfering with another sovereign nation's business. If the United States doesn't get involved, they will be criticized for standing on the sidelines.

Seriously, it's going to be the same old, same old.

And Putin's alignment with the Orthodox church will further turn Russia into a new police state.

The United States - Democrats will forget they actually won some stuff in 2012, and fold to the Republicans. I will get my hopes up, and then end up crying a lot. Obama will manage to get one good thing passed though, and this will be just enough to get my hopes up for next year.

Like maybe a little more gun control.

Technology - There will be at least one new iteration of all of Apple's products. Some will love them, some will hate them never having tried them, and the rest of the world will just be fairly indifferent. Tech reporters will, none the less, cater to the first two groups by talking about Apple as much as possible - because they want the ad views. Speculation about say, a new Apple Television, will either turn out to be true or just be complete BS. No one will actually care.

Also, T-Mobile will declare bankruptcy.

I don't have evidence for that, it's just a gut feeling.

Music - Everyone over the age of 18 will hate whoever new comes out, but insist the music that they listened to at that age is "classic." In other words, exactly what's been happening every year since the dawn of recorded music. Music never changes, it just gets louder.

Also, PSY will stop getting as much US radio play.

And there you go! Check back in a year to see how right and/or wrong I was about everything! I promise it'll be as thrilling as the first time you read these at least!

Unless I win the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes or something, then I'll just be too busy rolling in piles of money to update this blog.
- Traegorn

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Well in Technology I would like see Microsoft make a nice comeback in the Tech world and I know Windows 8 is getting slammed, I see it eventually being accepted more. Sorry Trae but people who follow Apple on a borderline religious devotion, have huge inflated egos. So I want Apple to be put aside a bit.

Besides that I'm thinking in politics, we'll see a lot more done in this next Congressional session because the last 2 years were an attempt to make Obama a 1 term President. So this time a lot more will be done not in desirable ranges but in better results.

2012 wasn't a bad year, sure I lost my job and an uncle passed away, but it wasn't too bad. But I feel 2012 just set the stage for 2013 and 2014 which will show a lot more promising results. Yea the tragedies won't go away but I believe we'll start seeing a lot more jobs coming back. Probably a nicer drop in unemployment.
Paul, it's not about what I *want* to happen, it's what I *think* will happen. The tech press will cover Apple front and center no matter what because that's what gets page views. The only people who like reading Apple stories more than Apple Fanboys are the Anti-Apple Fanboys (They'll complain about the article, but read it every time).

For the record, Apple users don't have inflated egos anymore than any other platform's fanboys. Apple has just been better at getting fanboys historically.

Trae Dorn
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