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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Posted Dec 24, 2012 - 10:50:19

photo.JPGSo right now I'm sitting in my parents's house in the suburbs of Milwaukee. Crysta and I are here for the holidays, and things are pretty good right now. Of course, the road getting here was a little bumpy...

As on the road from Indiana to Wisconsin, I got rear-ended in Schererville, IN.

See, rather than just take the Interstate all the way, I usually get off of I-65 onto US30 in Merrilville - and I take that to 394 in Illinois (which feeds me onto the tollway). I do this, honestly, just to add some variety to the drive. It helps keep me awake.

Well, I was definitely awake this time.

I was stopped at a redlight on US30 when I saw a pair of headlights behind me in my rearview mirror. A pair of headlights that weren't slowing down fast enough.

And then BLAM.

Our poor Nissan Versa got knocked pretty good, thankfully square on the bumper. It was hard enough to tap us into the car in front of us (although so lightly there's not even a scratch on the front of the car). The car that rear-ended me though? It sped off, leaving the scene as quickly as possible.

The folks in the car in front of me were thankfully understanding. It was a father and his two teenage kids (his teenage son had been driving). The kind gentleman called the police, and we then waited in the parking lot of a nearby Walgreens for them to arrive.

The folks in front of me ended up having no damage to their car (thankfully), but our Versa didn't get off so lightly. The damage wasn't huge - just a body panel was damaged for the most part. The hatch-closed sensor has been rendered inoperable, but it opens, closes and locks just fine.

We filed a report with the local cops, and I'll need to file an insurance claim. I want to thank the nice folks in the Jeep in front of us, because that dude was pretty awesome. The guy who drove off though? He can kiss my ass.

There is a moral to this story though - and an important one. Right before leaving on this trip I was loading the car. As I put my laptop in the trunk, I said outloud "What are the chances I'll get rear ended?"

- Traegorn

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well right there's the problem you jinxed yourself. I'll never forget getting side swiped a couple years back. To this day I get nervous around silver scions... stupid box on wheels. It should noted just this month I did see a silver scion with a duct tape repair job, that looked like it had been done a while back, in the correct location. Also I witnessed them nearly hit some one. I wonder if they ever will get what they have coming.

Trae Dorn
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