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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Random Art - UnCONventional's New Cast Members
Posted Dec 19, 2012 - 9:15:53

UnCONventional comic characters

Today's "random art" is of a few new members I'm adding to the cast of UnCONventional this year. Two of which, Tim Barnes and Martin Noble, we've already met (and yes, I know I named them Barnes and Noble - and no, I don't care). Technically those two we first saw back in Chapter 3, but I always intended more for them.

The third is Ruth, who you'll first meet in Thursday's strip this week.

One of the most unrealistic things about UnCONventional (in my mind) is that the Staff of the con has been really static throughout the course of the last three years. While it's true many staff's have a core group that sticks around for years, most ones based around a college have a large portion of transient staffers - especially when you're in a smaller city like the fictional Eau De Puanteur, WI.

I've tried to cover it up a bit, by shifting out the "generic" staffers over the last few years (with the exception of Gary) - and this year we'll have lost a couple of named characters as well (Larry and Jillian won't be showing up anymore... not that they showed up all that often to start with).

Barnes, Noble and Ruth are going to be important parts of the "secondary" cast, and we'll get to know them better with this year's arc. And hey -- it's a redheaded character in the cast who isn't dead! It's exciting!

...well, from a color palette point of view. I'm weird, I get excited about colors.
- Traegorn

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Is Glenn dead yet?
Nope! Not according to his Wikipedia page at least! He's only 57.

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