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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Why do Nega-Fanboys Bother?
Posted Sep 20, 2012 - 16:43:26

CIMG0469.jpgBy now, most iPhone 5 reviews have hit the web. The reviews have been (with rare exception) glowing, and it looks like yet again Apple's newest iteration of their smartphone will be a market winner.

(Disclosure: I have preordered an iPhone 5 and am waiting patiently for it to arrive)

But even though everyone who has ever touched the product says it's great, at almost every techblog, the comment section is filled with hatred, bile and insanity. Myriad hate filled statements overflow from the sites' audience... and it boggles my mind.

I'm serious - if a popular tech blog ever says anything nice about an Apple product, psychotic anti-Apple Fanboys (or as I like to call them Apple Nega-Fanboys) scream that the writer is biased, or that the site is kissing up to Apple. Normally they'll then demand on how their favorite product manufacturer is better, and how only "sheep" buy Apple products.

Never mind that the same site gave an equally glowing review to an Android phone, and that they said nice things about quite a few Ultrabooks. Those are conveniently forgotten once the name Apple shows up.

Apple actually makes decent products. Are they always the best? No. But they're rarely bad - and a phone review is going to reflect that. Likewise, an Apple product being good does not make another product bad. The Galaxy S3? It's a nice phone (although don't get me started on their awful marketing). It's okay for both products to be good.

Likewise, why spend the energy?

I don't go around ripping on things I've never experienced even indirectly, nor do I have the emotional energy to hate them so much. Why do they waste their time? Do they seriously have that little going on?

I don't want to sound like Apple users are any better -- I'm sure there are people who do this exact same thing in the other direction.

But remember, when someone praises the competitor of a product you like, they aren't degrading your preferred producer. Keep that perspective.
- Traegorn

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I wasn't blown away by the iPhone 5, and I have no intention of updating my iPod to iOS 6. But this is solely in comparison to previous products.
I think Apple products are a lot like politics. Most people are middle of the road, don't make a big stink about what they own, but those on the extremes sure are loud enough to make it seem like they are the only ones who exist. The hubs and I also preordered iPhone 5s and are waiting patiently, but we didn't choose the 5 because OMG it's the iPhone 5! We chose it because our contract just expired and we're switching carriers, and between the 5 and the 4S, it made more sense to get the latest generation knowing that we'd be using them for a long time. But since I didn't post thirty million times about it on my facebook page, our moderation gets lost in the sea of "I camped out for 3 days to get one!"

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