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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Hummingbird Interior: The Bunkroom
Posted Aug 15, 2012 - 14:23:02

Yet again we visit the interiors of the HMS Hummingbird from The Chronicles of Crosarth. We started with Friday's quarters, moved through the Central Hallway, and then into the crew compartment, starting with the Mess. The door on the far wall of the mess leads to this -- the Bunk room.

The HMS Hummingbird's birthing is simple, and because of the premium on space is where both enlisted and officers would sleep... if any enlisted were actually on board at the moment.

There are eight bunks in the room, each with storage underneath. The room has no overhead lighting, but each bunk has its own light. In the image above I've turned on a couple of lights so there's some illumination (and as no one's sleeping all the lee cloths are down).
- Traegorn

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Trae, did you use an image to draw this concept/ Because those bunks resemble much like the racks of that at Basic training the in the Navy. The squared shape blankets and the pillow set up. I remember making my rack like that. But to add if there is only 8 bunks, very seldom will they be made like that because there has got to be a ton of hot bunking. The crew exceeds 8 members usually.
The crew of the Hummingbird is nine, including the CO, so there's one bed per crew member by design. Truthfully, the beds are all made just because that's just the default "empty bed" I have designed.

I didn't research the bed design specifically, I've just watched enough TV to make a decent guess. ;)
The only thing that is different from the racks at basic is the pillow on the top bunk was opposite of the pillow on the bottom.

And I assume the hotbunking because I went inside a retired US Naval Submarine from WWII last year at Pearl Harbor and that had a crew of 250 men(yes only men no women) and there were only 30 bunks and only 10 personally cabins for the highest ranking officer and only the Captain had his own shower and toilet in his. It was the USS Bowfin if you're wondering.

Trae Dorn
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