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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Back from the Northwoods
Posted July 30, 2012 - 8:22:39

Cool looking bugLast night I rolled back into Lafayette, IN after spending a week on a lake in Northern Wisconsin. While it was nice to go to sleep in my own bed again, I couldn't help but want to be back up on the lake.

Those who know me (or at least have read my blog for an extended period of time) probably have heard me talk about how I go up to the Northwoods of Wisconsin every year with my family. We've been doing it my whole life, my parents originally taking my brother, sister and I to a resort on Lake Thompson near Rhinelander that no longer exists. We went to a place near Three Lakes for a few years until they went Condo, and then returned to Lake Thompson for quite a few more to a resort... which eventually also went condo.

These days both my sister and I drag our spouses along for the ride, but besides the occasional move in cabins, the experience is rather constant.

This year we decided to move to a new place, rather than rent the same cabin we've been at for over the last decade or so. It had gotten too small for our crowd, and frankly (as the resort had gone condo quite some time ago), we were getting the impression the owner wasn't too keen about continued renting. Rather than stay in Rhinelander, we went a little more north up to St. Germain - staying at the same resort my father stayed at when he was a kid.

The actual place we stayed at was a cabin that originally was just a neighboring house to the resort, but the owners had purchased it a while back to expand the grounds. After spending over a decade squeezing a group our size into a cabin far too small, it was actually kind of amazing to be in a place we fit in.

But I digress.

Right now I'm sitting in an office chair back home... and I'd much rather be sitting on the porch looking out at the south bay of Little St. Germain Lake. Sometimes coming back to reality is just no fun.
- Traegorn

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ST. Germain is suppose to be a nice area. Don't know if you fish (I just recently took it up) but my one fried raves about some lake near there.

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