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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Convention Prep
Posted May 1, 2012 - 11:48:14

CIMG0399.jpgOn Thursday night I'm hitting the road for Wisconsin, as No Brand Con is this weekend. I've been looking forward to it all year, and I anticipating an awesome time this weekend. Some bad stuff has gone down recently in my extended family which has made me wonder whether or not my trip will be cut short, but I'm going to stay positive.

I've got my books loaded already for my artist alley table, my panels and events are scripted, and while I still have a few more things to do (like memorize opening ceremonies), I'm happy to say things are moving forward in a generally decent direction.

I'm existing in this odd hybrid role of attendee/artist and staff. I'm "working" some high profile events (and my own panels), and it's all rather inside. On the other hand, I'm a paid attendee, and I registered for my artist table with the general public... waiting for the forms to be on the website for over a day before sending them in.

So am I staff or an attendee? Sort of both.

And it's weird.

I'm still excited though - I've already got that pre-con lump in my stomach. I've been hastily prepping comics so I have a buffer to make up for the normal time I'd be working on them. I'm staring at the calendar, wishing it were later in the week than it is.

I want to do more cons this year, but likely won't be able to add more to my schedule until the fall. I'm waiting to hear back from several about getting tables, but we'll see. I'm optimistic, but I try not to count on anything until I get something in writing.

But no matter what, I'm on for this weekend, I'm friggin' excited... and it can't come fast enough.
- Traegorn

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That odd feeling you get as a paid attendee to a con you once ran takes a long time to fade.  I can't imagine it in your position, having spent as long as you did on staff.  I was only involved for what?  three years?  I don't think I'll ever stop lending a hand with things to which hands need lending at cons, but I, at least, have finally made peace with being a general attendee who chips in.  I hope that transition goes smoothly for ya.

By the way, due to personal busy-ness (as opposed to business) and our first Beltane celebration at Circle Sanctuary, you will likely note that I'm not at NBC.  I'm sorry I'll miss out on the antics.  Perhaps I'll see you at Geek.kon?

Oh, and I hope whatever family drama (and I in no way mean to diminish it by that term) pans out.  Not just for your attendance at the con, but for you.

Merry Beltane, and enjoy NBC!


Trae Dorn
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