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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Kappa Kon... of Broken iPads, Books, and High School
Posted Mar 26, 2012 - 9:53:07

CIMG0380.jpgThis last weekend Crysta and I drove up to the Milwaukee area for Kappa Kon - a little one day con held at South Milwaukee High School. I had a table there to hopefully sell a few books, but more importantly promote the existence of my comics and find a few new readers. I also wanted to get back into the mindset of selling to people prior to my next show, the significantly larger (although not huge) No Brand Con.

We headed up Friday night after work, and crashed at my parents house in 'Tosa. We were told we needed to be at the school at 7am in my vendor information, so we got up early, and drove down to South Milwaukee. This was, frankly, my only complaint about the whole event. We did NOT need to be there at 7am. My booth takes 15 minutes to set up and the con didn't start until three hours later at 10am. But the literature said I had to be there.

My one word of advice in this case would be that they change that language to "can set up at 7am" (as some people need that kind of time) instead.

In my process of setting up though, my iPad had a rather foul encounter with a tile floor, cracking the screen and bending the corner of the aluminum backing. My heart plunged into my gut at this - I do everything on my iPad, including draw all of my comics. Thankfully, we looked online and saw that I still had four days left on my warranty.

Four days.

And thanks to my compulsive iCloud backups, all of my data was safe. We scheduled a Genius Bar appointment for Sunday, and I put on a happy face.

Amusingly, when Sam and Kellin stopped by, Sam gave me a wonderful new handmade leather iPad case she knew I had admired in her Etsy store. We talked with them for a while, I shoved cards into congoers hands, and I even ended up selling a couple of books. I haven't been to a high school con in a decade, but it turned out to be a good time.

On Sunday Crysta and I drove out to the Apple store, where I paid a reasonable fee (as my iPad had been broken due to physical damage) to get a replacement iPad 2. $250 beats paying $730 any day. I had a slight panic when I couldn't get my iCloud backup to load, until I realized I just needed to update the new iPad 2 to iOS 5.1 first. After that, everything was hunky-dory.

We grabbed lunch with Kellin before heading out of town, and finally collapsing back in Lafayette late Sunday night. Overall it was a fun weekend, with a tiny (but fun) convention, and I'd likely go back to Kappa Kon next year if they do another.

I just won't break my iPad next time.
- Traegorn

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There should totally be a con a con where you Trae are one of the guests. Maybe someone might make that a reality.

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